Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Pressure Poker

I finally finished reading DoubleAs book and I liked it. It is one of the first books I have read that was basically STEP II. In step I, which 90% of the books are, you get your little hand charts, and are taught how to play tight poker. While this book does take you through some of the startup concepts it goes beyond that. I explains some more advanced concepts. Actually it talks a little about some of the things I have been trying to experiment with here. Like playing small connectors against strength. It lays out the conditions that you really need for these kinds of plays to work. It explains them in depth and with simple examples. I also got alot out of the sections on how to use Poker Tracker to auto-update your notes on sites. I never knew that before! So while it covered alot of material I already knew.. it explained that in more detail. It taught a few more moves for the tool belt and explained why certain things I knew worked were good plays. I think this is a book that you should definatly read especially if you are looking for some ways to grow your thinking about poker.


Blogger tiltpirate said...

WAFFLES!!!! hey buddy it was great to see you at the tales last night, once I get out of the trenches, maybe we can get on a game. WTG

5:59 AM

Blogger doubleas said...

Thanks for your review. It is fun to hear what people think

7:43 AM

Blogger TraumaPoker said...

Number 1 sign SIRF is on MEGA TILT....he is playing a 5 dollar limit MTT on Full Tilt.

6:04 AM


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