Friday, August 04, 2006


I have made a slight change. I switched some funds from Riverstars to Full Tilt. Why? I have been playing more cash and several smart people have told me that FT is better for cash games. Ok. I will give it a shot. Speaking of smart people what happened to Fluxer's blog?

So the first night at FT went alright. I won about a buyin. Up on one table down on another. The one thing I noticed about this people is they are willing to go to war with TPSK on a non-scary board. Do not bluff because I saw A4 get stacked by A6 on a Axx board. Um. Nice play Ace Six? NOT!

One guy I saw was so concerned about FT being rigged it was funny.

ParanoidMonkey: This site is so fucking rigged! It is the worse.
Me: What other sites are rigged?
ParanoidMonkey: Full Tilt and Party are THE WORSE!
Me: What about Riverstars?
ParanoidMonkey: Huh?
Me: You know, Pokerstars, that one is rigged too?
ParanoidMonkey: Oh yeah, I have not read as much about that one.
Me: It must just be bad RNG's.
ParanoidMonkey: RNG what is that?
Me: It is the algorithm they use to shuffle the decks and generate the cards
ParanoidMonkey: Oh yeah, that must be it!
Me: I think I know why Full Tilt is so bad.
ParanoidMonkey: Why?
Me: I think the hair from the monkeys on the site gets into the RNG and causes it to fail.
ParanoidMonkey: Really?

I hope this is a sign of things to come.


Blogger tiltpirate said...

LOLOLOLOL----I play on Fulltilt ALL the time and this is all I hear once they get stacked and leave....I usually type "another satisfied customer, thanks for your business" Yes its childish...but fun

11:21 AM

Anonymous Nijle said...

Everyone thinks that the site is is out to get them when they loose. "It must be rigged" is why they didnt hit their flush draw.


12:44 PM

Blogger slb159 said...

Yeah, but I don't think they have a "hide from search" feature though. Everyone will be hunting you down.

- Anonymous King

4:11 PM

Anonymous Ingoal said...


4:25 AM


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