Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Hello.. Is this thing on?

Anyone out there? Hello? I am getting lonely.

How about this Fucktard! Jesus! I hate him already.

Every night I sit at a table with bloggers the first question out of their pea sized brains is "Am I being recorded". Well if you come to the Mookie tonight you WILL be recorded.. at least if you are in a hand with me. Hell if I sense a bad beat coming I may turn the sucker on for you anyways. So show up and be part of a Waffles Cast(tm). I promise to try and get my money in as a 90% favorite and lose to runner-runner bullshit just so you can hear a rant. I also hope Hoy is at my table so I can video some nasty suckouts. He has really been making me feel a hell of a lot better lately. His luck has been HORRIBLE. You know what I face every day. Meanwhile I have hit a 2-outer and a 1-outer in the past week to propel myself deep in two events. Hmmm.. Maybe the Waffles Parasite has moved on to a new host..


Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

Yeah man you definitely want the camera software on me tonight at the Mookie. The bigger my massive percentage to win is, the more likely that I will get crushed.

The best part for you recording this is, you don't even really need to turn the thing on until just before the river card. It's always on the fuckin river lately with me. Fucking river.

10:50 AM


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