Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Man am I hyper today.. maybe it is because the Coke machine is out and I am stuck with Diet Coke.. Less sugar makes more caffeine effect? Not sure.. So I was playing a 1$ HORSE SNG last night. Why? I figured I needed practice to play Hoy in the mixed games and that level of player is probably around his skill if not a little higher.

Actually the real reason for this post.. No trashing Hoy is not good enough.. Well it is but that is besides the point. The REAL reason for this post is to announce a new contest. I am not sure what the prize will be but this is about an idea our newly deceast brother Ick. What? He is still around? Prove it!

He mentioned a while ago that I should come up with the "Essential Waffles" an intro guide to my blog.. Something that contains posts that make me.. well.. special. That could be used in either the traditional or short bus meaning and be equally applicable. Anyways.. I would choose what the essential Waffles is except I am not sure that I would pick the best reads. So I am counting on you my friends. Over the next month I please post your suggestions in comments. I will also post a few I think are good.. we can all vote and have fun and see which posts we like the most. The winners will go on the sidebar as "The Essential Waffles".. perhaps credit will be given to those who find the good ones. You have 3 years of material to comb through. You should be able to find something..

The Blog Search feature only goes back so far so you will really have to work at it. July 2006 is good for my first Blogger meeting in Vegas.. November 2005.. meeting Dr. Pauly for the first time.. Early 2005 is when I lost my biggest and best Bankroll.. Many many other "interesting posts".. if you want the one where my Wife kicked me out of the house for a little while your gonna have to find that one yourself. Anyway.. good luck with the scavenger search should be interesting at least..


Blogger katitude said...

LOL...you cheesey bastard. Will you stop at nothing to drive more traffic to your site??

1:51 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Any post where you call some a super-donk and curse them out for sucking out on you. (especially if it's a *friend*) Followed by a post where you gleefully recount sucking out vs someone else, and find some reason to say they deserved it. Fucking classic.

7:36 AM


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