Friday, December 01, 2006

Expensive but Fun

Last night I was hanging out getting ready to go to bed when Don was like "Dude, you have to play 200/NL".. So I am like.. ok. I know. I have no self control. I actually enjoyed myself though. I lost my buyin which is a chunk of my bankroll but I think I played pretty well. I did some things wrong.. I got sucked out on. I missed all my draws. I made a few terrible plays. The one thing I really need to do before I play these things regularly (besides GET a bankroll) is to not go all crazy against aggressive people. The table started pretty passive but all of the sudden about five hours in it picks up. Every hand is being raised. I obviously figure that nobody could possibly have a hand that many times and lose some money with TPTK Ax vs AA and Kx vs KK. Somewhat the same thing with my hand with Marge. So what did I learn from this? NO not that I want to kick Don in the nuts for even suggesting that I play. I learned that I really NEED to play this game. It is in my blood. The high(er) level buyin cash games are calling me. Hopefully I will be able to get there soon.

So all in all I am feeling good. I have a working roll still and I will run that up a little more before I take another shot at a higher stakes NLHE game. I also went fairly deep in a 10/MTT. I chipped up huge when I called this donks all in. He had AK and I had 33.. I was relatively sure he did not have a made hand as he pushed 2-3 times before this. I actually won the race. He is not a donk because he pushed with a draw. No. I actually am ok with that. He is a donk because he then goes on to berate me for a good fifteen minutes. Hey. I knew you were full of shit. I called. I was right. I was ahead the whole hand. So fuck you. It was fun watching him crash and burn. I survived a bit more and then my TT was cracked by Q9c all in push pre-flop and I spent my last 2BB on calling an all in push HU. See how I hate aggressive people? He actually had AA and my 63h was worthless. Anything less and I would have won as the board was all low cards including my six. Ahh well.

Tonight it is back to the baby tank. I think I will play a bunch of 90/45/18 SNGs and see what I can do.. as well as trying for a token and going for either the 16K tonight or possibly the Tier III SNG. Good Luck Peeps!


Blogger smokkee said...

there are several opinions on what your BR should be in relation to the ring game levels you play. some are very high IMO (e.g 40 buy-ins).

i think half that is plenty for a good player to withstand a run of bad luck. i'm comfortable having 20 buy-ins behind me at the levels i wish to play. you really need to consider that seriously. you worked hard to get it where it was. now you've taken a few steps back. a successful, winning player needs some discipline.

i don't mean to preach. i just hope you think twice before skipping up some levels and risking so much of your 'roll.

i like to gambool too. but, i'm not about to run up to the 10/20 NL tables and hope i get lucky while at the same time praying i don't go broke.

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