Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Err.. I found this to be interesting I guess. There is some "You can be a winner too!" email from some guy named Roy. Kipper says he is full of shit but has some good stuff on occasion.

So I decided to read some testimonials.. Just cause I am bored and this is what I do.

Hey Roy: You are ruining my sleep!

Since I got your email about tips for winning "Sit and Go" online tournaments � I stay up all night playing. Five tournaments in two nights, I was "in the money" all five times. (2 FIRST PLACE)!

Ummm.. Are you a fucking retard? You can only get through 5 SNGs in two nights? What the hell does Roy tell you to do to win? Just timeout every single hand until everyone gets wicked pissed and fucking quits. I think this might work! Good Job Roy!

Next comes the chick I like to call "Could possibly be hot in a nerdy way if she showed me some cleavage". I guess she could f my ass with that huge nose of hers. That would be a first. Anyway here is what this Genius has to say:

I play NL home games and tourneys and am in the money/points nearly every time I play now. For example, a couple of weeks ago, I played in a tournament at a local bar. There were 7 full tables - I won first.

Geee.. thanks Roy! I am now better than 35 sloshed guys who just want to get into my panties instead of winning this MTT.. Oh yeah, and I can beat my friends who are more retarded than I am. Your the best Roy!

Your tips newsletter has bought my game along immeasurably

Ummmm. I hate to be a DuggleBooger but I think you misspelled something. kudos to the Genius Roy who invented this system that makes such smart people able to win more than they normally would.. Hell this guys saved years of losing by getting the news letter.

Anyways.. I could keep ragging on these retards but my ears are starting to bleed. Hope this was as amusing to you as it was to me. Oh yeah, and Roy, I have excellent advertising rates!


Blogger TripJax said...

Interesting..."Nick B" as it shows on the site is from the 2 Hole Cards blog. He shows as one of the first few testemonials. It doesn't sound like something he would write. I wonder if he was paid to put his likeness on the site or if it was just ganked. Or, maybe he did write it. Who knows...

9:09 AM

Blogger Drizztdj said...

A simple 3-step method for avoiding up to 90% of the "bad beats" you suffer at online poker (and exactly WHY so many bad beats seem to occur online)

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This guy sounds like he has his tin foil hat on a little too tight.

6:55 AM

Anonymous kipper said...

Yes he has a bunch of shit on his site and his so called e-book I found floating aroung the internet...But on accasion he has some things that are interesting and get the blood flowing to the brain cells although they are rare.

8:43 AM


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