Monday, December 04, 2006

I remember now..

BG wrote up a really good counterpoint to the Reviewme ad revenue. In essence he was saying the reason he will not be using the service is because it undercuts other bloggers revenue. I have totally different feelings about this myself.

First off I may end up not using Reviewme anyways because I do have one essential issue with it. It allows someone to tell me what to write about. Now the professional writers among us are used to this. However in RadioFree Wafflesville this is a new concept. I am not sure if I want to give up even that small amount of freedom.

I am not sure I will get any ad review from Reviewme anyways. The reason for this is I think it will probably favor the less popular blogs for the time being. If you can get 2-3 ads for the price you would have to pay for my *elite* (snicker, I cant even say that with a straight face) blog then I assume many of the people using this service would feel the money better spent on smaller blogs.

I also do not think that if an Advertising used a Reviewme method to get an Ad they would rule out other types of Ads. It is in the best interest of these people to get as much exposure as they can. Face it the rates we get for these Ads are nothing to a business. These places can and do use many different mediums and will continue to do so.

I think the idea that using a service like this steals from the potential ad revenue of other bloggers is just not a genuine point. Here is why. I do not ask Iggy or Maudie what they make for an Ad.. They have never done anything to help me get advertising. I feel like they are good friends and any advertising I do is my business separate from that. We are all out there by ourselves. I know for a fact I have gotten more money than other blogs for certain ads and that is just business. I am sure I get a hell of a lot less than an Ad on one of the A-List blogs. In a capital system like this it is everyone for themselves. For the good or the bad we have to accept this.

Now.. If we as bloggers decided to form a coalition of Blog advertisers and set rates for all of our members based on rules that the group decided on. If we refused to allow any advertiser that did business outside of our group. If we formed a union of bloggers who all worked together to get each other ad revenue and set the rates for our group that would be one thing. I would join and definitely not be a scab but until that happens get what you can.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"RadioFree Wafflesville"= great stuff Waffles. What is the capital of RFW? Rantville?

5:38 AM

Blogger TripJax said...

I'm currently on the fence with this debate. I see both sides of the story. As for BG's thoughts, let me just mention...

I was in email conversations with a potential advertiser for a number of weeks. I was awaiting a final confirmation email from him, but it never came. Only a few days later I started to see numerous Review Me sponsored ads popping up from other bloggers. I immediately got the feeling the advertiser felt he had found a better/cheaper way to get the word out there. That's business, so no big deal, but I can see BG's point. But like I said, I'm still not sure what I think for sure as there is still some grey area with it all. I did the Review Me "review", but not sure if I'll be doing anything else (both because I may drop the idea all together, plus I haven't received any requests yet).

We'll see...

8:00 AM


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