Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I have not really had the muse lately.. Been in a funk. Bankrolls doing well but it is still stuck. Around 600. I almost got it unstuck for a nice SNG win. I had the beautiful and luck bringing Lucky Elf with me. As evil and bad as Smokkee is his partner the Love Elf is wonderful and special and brings a ton of luck to me. I actually think she is the secret to all of his wins. I swear to you I have not sucked out so many times in my life. Unfortionatly the anti-luck plague came by when I was down to five and instead of scoring a nice 170 clams for my hard work and effort I ended up getting killed by KT (but it was s000ted) against my pocket jacks. Ouchie.

I have been experimenting with just going and putting my money in behind and trying to get lucky. While this may work for some people I can not see it as a good strategy for me. It is fun as hell though. If you figure no matter how bad your pre-flop call is your going to get paid off 1 in 5 times at worse it can make for a lot of hilarity and fun.

Of course when you bring that to your cash game because you can not shut it off you tend to get stacked by better players like Marge. I think she thought I was disrespecting her by giving her my stack when my kings were out flopped by her hammah! It really had nothing to do with that. I actually play poorly against aggressive people a lot. In general my cash game has been stagnant lately. I have just not been playing enough. I have made a lot of strides in taking down medium to small pots and it really has helped my game. In general though I am not going to play much cash until my stack gets larger.

I got to have some quality time with another special lady, CarmenSinCity. Between being wined and dined by Microsoft Nerd and Poker Player Richard Brodie she was able to crash and burn with me in a few MTTs. Do not worry girl! Our luck will turn! We will be victorious! Thanks for all your cheering!!

Kitty Katitude went pretty god damn deep in the Moneyfaker thing they have on Stars. She beat out like seven thousand people for.. well.. nothing.. but good job girl!! She is a great cheerer too!!!

Speaking of her I loved her pictorial of her weekend. It was freaking awesome! Great work!!! I was so inspired that I decided to do one of my own.

That's about it.. I know.. Patttthhhhhetic.

Ick got a job or something. The retard is never around. No blogging. I guess saving peoples lives is more important than poker! Like If! At least we still have Japa Hapa!!! Her last post was a kat fight with some asian chick.

I hate this bitch! I cant tell you how much i hate this bitch! http://asiapages.wordpress.com/ -- JapaHapa

Yeah she is real stable. She should make a freaky You Tube video like all the other retards who want to tell us how much they love Jimmy and can not live without him. You all make me feel a little better. Not much. A little though.

Oh well. At least I have charming kids. My daughter thinks I am a retard. She asks me to make her hot dogs and ketchup. Ok. I can handle this. So I cook up the dawg and get the ketchup out. She says "I want the ketchup away from the hot dog". Ok I say "So you want them next to each other". "No Daddy! Away!!". She then proceeds to pick up two things on the floor. She puts one at one end of the kitchen and the other on the other side. "Seee Daddy! Seperate! Get it?". Ug. I am in trouble.

Duggles was stalking me again. That was funny. He watches me play razz for an hour or so and then sits down and gets up immediately. Hmmm. He then sits down at a .10/.25 table with me. I thought it was at least interesting that he was sitting there. Getting stacked. By n000bs. Who play .10/.25. It was pretty funny when his TP ten kicker got stacked by a flopped 52c flush. Booyah! I love that hand! heh. I actually would not mind playing with the guy but I really feel he just was stalking me. Despite his insistence that he was "Looking for a blogger game".. I think I might believe he lost his entire stack and was forced to play .10/.25 more than that.

I should be shooting more video coming up. I did not entirely like how the first ones came out but enough people seemed .. amused .. so why not. I use Camtasia Studio Wes. It is a free trial. Google it. It has some good screen capture abilities. I also may start hosting the AVI files since the large size is easier to read. I think the commentary is what you all want anyways.

Not too much else happening.. I think I need to get a job working at home. My sleep is so fucked up it is starting to effect my ability to get into work. This is not a very good thing. Anyhoo.. a lot of possibilities. Oh yeah.. and the side work is poring in so Vegas is a 98% go. I should be buying the tickets this week. I can not wait. If anyone wants to hook up in Vegas drop me a phone number in the Girlie chat. I am SirFWALGMan on AIM. Should be a blast. I want to spend a bit more time socializing this time. Last time I spent nearly every hour on the tables.. except for a brief break with Ick, Jewels and Kitty. Too bad ZeeJordon is not going. Until next time!


Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

U know I love you baby!! I can't wait to hang out with you when you get your butt out here in December!

11:14 AM

Blogger smokkee said...

you're right Waf. lucky Elf is the secret to my success.

having BIG cojones doesn't hurt either.

11:32 AM

Blogger HighOnPoker said...

Is it odd that I'm honored to get a mention? Yeah, I guess it is a bit geigh. Well, when you are back from Vegas, maybe we can still meet up at Foxwoods one of these weekends. Unless, of course, you are too busy. Are you available to play during the week. I'm taking a few days off from work next week, and even though I'm heading to AC the weekend after (as you will be in Vegas), I could still head to Foxwoods on Dec. 6 or 7th. Lemme know.

12:46 PM

Blogger DuggleBogey said...

Actually, I saw you playing Razz and started to sit, but I realized the MATH was starting so I went and played that.

After crashing and burning in the MATH I came back to Full Tilt and you were sitting at a $.25NL table and I hoped if I sat I could get some folks in chat to join in, but I guess I'm not that popular.

I did notice your "partner" fluxer was there both times I checked in on you...

Your details of my two rounds of NL were fascinating. The guy flopped a straight from the big blind with 53o, not a flush with 52c. He didn't stack me, I called a value bet on the river. And I left the table up, not down.

1:07 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

You saw me playing razzz... for long enough to repeat verbatim several conversations I had.. It's one thing if I am chatting with you .. like.. err.. friends or something.. and you watch me.. I think the whole lurking thing is just creepy though... sooo.. the Hoy was starting.. and you could sit down and play NLHE with me but not razz... hmm.. I dunno.. just odd. However if I misunderstood your advances then I apologize.

1:25 PM

Blogger Love_elf said...

Waffs - LOVE watching you work.
You did goot tonight, too (Tues).

See you in the Vegas..Hope I can continue to bring you the luck.
I'm glad you appreciate me, even if no one else does......8-(

8:51 PM

Blogger Drizztdj said...

And you never come to sit at my tables Waffles :(

Make sure you're at the MGM for the mixed games next week, can't wait!!

6:21 AM

Blogger StB said...

Meet us at the Sherwood Forest bar and you can watch Iggy hold court.

7:17 AM


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