Friday, December 29, 2006

Year In Review

I came. I saw. I won alot of money. Ok probably not a ton of money.. but finally made a nice run and instead of being dead broke even I made a few thousand this year. I think this year was a good starting point on some growth. I played live finally. I went to a few blogger gatherings. I played a little bit of higher stakes games. I think some good things may happen next year.. of course I might just blow my whole bankroll and go off on a wild rant.. so keep checking in to see which one happens. be safe too. do not drive drunk like a fucktard. see you at the tables.


Blogger Mike Maloney said...

Blowing your bankroll would make for some fun posts, so I vote for that.

7:02 PM

Blogger Schaubs said...

I say keep grinding. It's the only way you'll get better... read, study, play, repeat.

8:47 PM

Blogger ASHMC2 said...

Bankroll Management

Be one with the roll... let it guide you young Skywalker.

Thanks for the post. Glad to see you drop by.

10:59 PM

Blogger Mondogarage said...

I vote for staring off blowing off the bankroll, followed by starting over with $100 and ending the year with 6 figures. Imagine the posts along the way!

10:36 AM


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