Friday, January 05, 2007

Are you fawking kidding me?

I got to play some more 1/2 last night with the boyz. It was a hilarious time. I doubled up early when Fuel called an all in with 13 outs on the turn. At least he assumed he had 13 outs. He easily could have had less. I had endless fun taunting him and saying he shoved in with a 9 of clubs.. he would not stop trying to make me say it was the Ace.. Funny shit. Sorry to Absenwhatchamacallit who's cat like curiosity got the better of him and made him look back through every hand history until he found that hand. It was fun. We were tweaking each other so badly.

I am going to continue to play 1/2 on no bankroll. It am enjoying it. It is making me pay more attention to people. As a matter of fact by the end of the night I picked up on a few things that Fuel did and could predict a lot of his hands.

I actually felt like Fuel was disrespecting the table a little. He lost three buyins so I have to assume he just did not care to play his "A" game. Either that or he does not have a "A" game and that is as good as it gets. If he is playing poorly just because "It is only 1/2" then I think that is disrespectful of the other top notch players at the table. This 1/2 game is a world of sharks and I respect them all. One of the reasons I want to keep playing the game is because I think it is making me a better player. If Fuel thinks its just a bunch of chumps playing 1/2 and he has 200,000 dollars in poker funds... and he can just go and win it back at 2/4 or whatever he plays.. then that is fine.. I think it disrespects the great players at the table though and in the end he is missing out.

I assume we will be playing take Sir's money again tonight.. should start fairly soon. I actually think I played well. I had a few "cooler" type moments and one HUGE brain fart.

One hand I think I played alright but not great was a hand where I had QTs. I flop top pair shit kicker and a flush draw. I bet and Fuel cold calls. The turn brings my flush and I check again. The river brings the Ace of spades and I bet. Fuel raises me a bit and I have to call with the 2nd nuts. Of course he has the KQ.. King of spades and takes a nice little pot.

I have trouble with the line between making each hand extract enough value and protecting your hands. In the case of the QT, only a four card flush is going to be bad for me.. and in a lot of situations it will not make a difference besides killing my action. I think I probably should have bet the turn but who knows. I do think if I had bet huge or gone all in on the turn Fuel would have called. I may be wrong but with that A9 hand he insta-called so I see no reason for him to fold here.

Another fun hand which I misplayed was when I had TT. The board ends up 88997 and I never hit my straight.. I end up calling off a $78 river bet from a guy with jacks. I actually put him on an overpair but was too stubborn to give up my hand. I need to go with my instincts more.

Some other funny hands were pushing all in against Fluxer with AJo, jack on the flop. He had KK.. and I rivered a jack. He was soooo pissed. Haha! Sorry man. AJ is gold and it never loses. I also showed down a hand with Fluxer and Scott where I had A2, for the A2345 rivered straight.. against Q7 and 97.. for the rivered higher straight. The board was paired and it goes to show good players like those two will not invest alot of money without the nutz or a draw to them or a damn good read. At least that is what I took from it.

Anyways.. Wish me luck tonight.. I am hoping for a decent night.


Blogger Gnome said...

It was fun playing with you at that table. I think I would have done well if fluxer didn't keep sucking out...

6:36 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Errr.. wasnt he ahead most of the time you put your money in the middle? heh. I enjoyed it too!

10:04 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I should be a magician.

2:57 AM

Blogger Fuel55 said...

The razzing/tormenting/bullshit/manipulation/needling is all part of the program ...

11:45 AM


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