Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Radio Free Waffles

A blog community in bloom is a beautiful thing.  Please join me in welcoming Amy Calistri - Calistri’s Corner, Change 100, Joe Speaker, and Maudie.  I can’t say enough about them or even begin to describe my feelings at how pleased I am that they are on board. 

I have to say although I shall always call you corporate sellouts I am glad to see that Pokerworks has not effected your ability to write what you want. It was great to see Iggy post an Uber with everything from nasty twins, to Wundermouth, to who the hell knows what.. even some poker. Now that is rare. So keep it going you sellouts.

Me. How has Radio Free Waffles been going? I have normally run badly. I am even used to it to some degree. However this is really sickening. I final tabled a 180-SNG only to get all my monies in on a 234 flop against 88 with the all powerful 99. I had some worry that he might have a higher pocket pair.. but I had seen this tool chip leader make some of the worse plays ever. So I went with my guy and pushed it in on the flop. A whole 17K of chips. I would have been the new chip leader.. instead the eight on the turn dashes my hopes.

The only hands I seem able to win these days are ones I need runner-runner to win. I have actually won several of these and I am just stunned. For the most part these hands have been awfuckit hands where I knew I was dead, not always how dead, and just was pissed off and decided to go to bed. Of course when I want to call it a night I catch the only 2 cards in the deck runner-runner that I could possibly get.

If I play a token and have 2K left.. and push against the 4K stack with AK.. and he has K9.. the flop comes K9xxxx. If I have 9T and the flop comes AT8 and the other guy has A8.. I catch runner nines.. it is just some of the craziest shit I have ever seen. I am not sure what to do. I guess I will keep playing through it. I am down like 180- for the past week so not a huge amount to catch up. It would be nice if the universe went back to normal and let me win a 80%'er or two once in a while..


Blogger KajaPoker said...

I have played about 70 SNGs on PS in the past week and the amount of runner runners and flopped boats for dominated hands is just SICK. And it's happening to everyone at the table, not just me. 4-handed I raise with Aces and chip leader pushes with J8 and makes a set of 8s on the river?

I've said it before - I sometimes call knowing full well I am way behind because I know I will win the hand. I just know it. Variance is for fools....

8:08 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hang in there man.


10:06 PM

Blogger theresa113 said...

Take a break. Seriously, even if it is for a few days. We all need vacations from time to time from work, life, etc. and that includes poker. Things will turn around, I promise.

Hey... what is it with Daniel not adding either one of us to his friends list? I guess we were both dimissed!

If you get a chance, check out my latest blog entry, it has nothing to do with poker but has lots to do with sex and drugs and teenage angst.

Take care and I hope to see your next entry as a winning entry! Happy New Year!

7:00 AM


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