Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Mr. Mom

“Kickers?” Schottenheimer retorted to a reporter’s question after the game. “I fucking hate ‘em. They’re all worthless pieces of shit. I wouldn’t trust a kicker farther than I could throw one.”

Is that for real? BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

So since I am searching for a job in a lackadaisical kind of way but more urgently this week.. I have become Mr. Mom. I am SOOOOO much better at it than my wife ever was. I did laundry, cleaning, dishes, and had the fucking meal on the table when she walked in the door! I am the fucking king. Meanwhile she complains about how bad her feet hurt as she sits on her ass all day working. What is she coal miners daughter or something? It is a fucking Business Analyst job.. you walk to the soda machine and back.. jeeezzz..

The Boy had a great comment today. He comes up to me while I am cleaning, feels my head, and says "Dad, are you feeling ok? I mean your.. cleaning!".. he then bursts into hysterical laughter. Yes. He is exactly like me. Except I think he might be able to get more chicks than me.. he is REALLY good with the ladies.


Blogger Gnome said...

How old is the kid? You might be in for a world of pain in a few years. :)

12:55 AM


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