Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Surfluxes Wins!

So I start the night with the 34o calling a large bet and out flopping my Aces.. which told me my luck was still running poorly.. then I played the Mookie.. and really only got sucked out on once. It was all my fault too against Astin. He did river a 3-outer but I never did anything to make him fold so that hand was my fault. I end up pushing with AQ and getting called by 55 after a long pause to think.. and not catching anything.. so again, it was a race, no suckouts, and hey, maybe my bad luck is over.. I mean two weeks of Mookies where I actually did not get taken out with a suckout.. Ok, I got some brutal hands, and bad matchups.. but still.. maybe right? WRONG!

I am playing the Mookie O8.. I look down and see AA7J with the jack s00ted. Now this is not a hugely strong hand but it has some low potential and the Aces could hold up.. Surfluxes raises to around 160.. and when everyone else folds I decide to JAM it. So Surfluxes has a good hand right? Something like A23T s00ted or some decent power hand in O8 you might want to risk all your chips with.. err.. no. He calls me with A99T. All middle cards. All crap. Of course he gets rewarded when my bad luck spikes him a nine on the river. All your chips. Split pot game. Middle cards. No low. Ummm.. Yeah. I have barely ever in my life seen such a horrible call but it works out for him.. Last time I listen to Trauma's advice the fucktard.

I finally get taken down by Donkey two.. I am sure he reads so he can admit to it or not as he likes.. I watched him go out of the first Mookie with some pretty terrible call for all his chips.. so It probably should not surprise me that he raised some crappy hand like 6238 with two hearts.. flops middle two pair.. which is dominated by my two higher pair, and then runner-runner an eight high flush in Omaha to end my night. In all fairness even though his play sucked all the way through the hand.. I had around 200 chips left. His raise got called four ways, which is why I was in the hand, and hey middle two pair is a monster in O8.. *snicker*.. Oh well maybe he does not know how to play.. O8.. or Poker.. Or Tiddly winks.. Who knows..

I am so fucking sick of this bad run. It is just insane. I can not win a single hand that I should win. Not one. I used to think I ran bad.. but this needs another word cause this is even worse. Someone said they were almost Waffled.. perhaps this will become the new Urban Dictionary term for such bad luck that it is indescribable.


Blogger bayne_s said...


PostModernBoys call of your allin (you only raised his 1/2 pot bet by 68) made sense. I prefer to play 3568 even when doublesuited as unraised BB rather than as an EP raiser.

From what I've seen if Post is doublesuited he's seeing a flop.

Better luck next week.

10:51 PM

Blogger TraumaPoker said...

"Last time I listen to Trauma's advice the fucktard."

To break this down for the average joe this statement means when I ask Trauma for advice while he is on his Sidekick watching season 5 of The Sopranos and he gives me advice to get all my money in preflop and I end up having 77% EV he doesn't know what he is talking about. I think the conversation went "I have AAJ7 and someone raised to 160 up front" My reply was "Get it all in preflop" then I shut off my Yahoo on my sidekick because I was tired of being asked O8 advice at 11:30 at night. BOOO YAAA!!

5:04 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

It was not an unraised pot. I think HE raised it. Perhaps it was you. He ended up in the situation you NEVER want to be in with a weak ass low and a weak ass high pushing all his chips in. I was a non-factor in the hand, and although he sucked out on me it really had nothing to do with me. If you play hands like that and hit 2nd and 3rd nut hands in Omaha your gonna lose ALOT of money.

Even though I think he played the hand horribly and ended up knocking me out of the game with my piddly remaining chips it was really Surf's horrid move that killed me so PostModern just gets an honorary mention.

5:22 AM

Blogger surflexus said...

Hey SirF,
I won't cop out and say that I was a little tilty from my QQ running in to AA 10 minutes previous to knock me out of the Mookie. I will take full credit for the donkalicious suckout. I hope your luck turns around for you soon (just not against me). :)

7:42 AM

Blogger BuddyDank said...

Good playing with ya last night. You are my inspiration. And by that, I mean that I love how you hold nothing back. All or Nothing! We could all benefit from that now and again.

8:06 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter the game Waffles Ace High Rules.

What's this about some Invitational?

8:32 AM

Blogger Drizztdj said...

Trauma gave you good advice. The cards just didn't fall :(

8:41 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I know Trauma gave me good advice.. I just like busting his ass.. lol.

8:51 AM

Blogger Mondogarage said...

At least you didn't Gigli the 2nd Chance on the very first hand flopping (or turning, forget which) nut flush/decent low, losing to straight flush/wheel.

That was sick. Couldn't even get the hand history, since we started with 19, so when I dropped, that killed the table. That was sicker.

11:17 AM


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