Friday, March 30, 2007

Back to Back Backing Back

I really appreciate my backers. It gives me a chance to play some poker within the confines of my deal which sometimes is good for me. I get a little wild when unstructured.

So anyway it has been going good. I took Veneno's backing into the Hoy and turned in a $110 score for her. I played 200 SNGs for my second backer and ended up giving him a 50% return on his investment and pocketing $103 myself. Much better than the stock market people! Now I have yet another backer. The current backer has given me a fifty stake and told me to play cash games at 200BB levels until I reach $600. Each time I have 200BB in the next level I move up until I finish up at 1/2NL. Obviously if this is successful the backer makes a good ROI. I am curious to see if I can stand the daily grind since I will need to do so when I finally do get some cash online and play at .50/1 or 1/2 in a serious manor that has the potential to be profitable.

Anyway I started off well last night winning just shy of 3-buyins at the .05/.10 level. Of course my table degenerated into a blogger party. At one point we had Drizzle, Al, and Daddy all playing. Lucky for me Al was in a drunken stupor and decided to bleed chips off to me in huge quantities. I think he was my biggest contributor. I did get stacked for 1/2 a buyin early when I took my tens up against aces. I am really rusty in the cash game and played wayyyyy too many hands wayyyy too loosely before I actually tightened up and figured out what the fold button was for. It was fun anyways. The key to success at the fifth pit of hell is to play solid ABC poker. Less HUGE bluffing and more playing hard with the nutz.

One of my better hands of the night was when I called Al's pre-flop raise with 34o rags. I had seen Al raise a lot and figured he was someone who could fold. I got the incredibly lucky flop of 33J. So I decide to play the hand by leading out for 3x the pot. Al luckily has a jack so re-raises me at which time I get all my chips into the middle and he calls because "I had to see what you had".. His pair of jacks did not suckout and that was that. Like I said I was playing loose and badly but I did get lucky. Actually I do not think this call is terrible on my part. Playing weakness (low card) against strength (high cards) is a very profitable yet slightly dangerous method that can be employed in certain situations.

Al and I got involved in a funny hand with Drizzle. Someone raised pre-flop probably Al and both Drizz and myself called. The flop was a funky middle card special with a lot of draws. I had AQ off. So Drizzle bets out, Al raises, and I re-raise. Drizzle folds. Al calls and we check down to the river. He has A7 and I have AQ. Both of us had Ace high nothing and Drizzle folded the best hand. Probably a good move in that situation.. Al was drunk but I am not sure what my excuse was. It was a funny hand.

Anyway.. tonight we shall see what we can do. I have two tokens under my SNG backers name so I will probably try and win something BIG tonight.. and then grind out some more cash. I need to get the rust off since it has been a while.


Blogger Drizztdj said...

I did have the best hand, well played by you and the drunk one ;)

12:15 PM


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