Tuesday, April 03, 2007

In other news..

First off that little midget is NEVER getting a link from me. So stop begging.

Secondly in other things poker that I enjoy.. Anything but Holdem had a link to a Gary Carson talking about taking Michael Craig off his blog list because he is just a Full Tilt shill these days.. interesting stuff..

As far as the state of my poker game. It could not be better. I am on the top of my game. In the last five blogger games I have played I have had a top chip stack every single time and for a good deal of time. In one of those events I dominated the field and took it down. If I keep playing like this it is inevitable that I keep winning these. Not sixth place or bubble boy but first or out in a flaming ball of aggressive poker. I got my money in with two coin flips last night and have no issue with my play. One card falls different and I go into the final table with a nice 13K stack and kick some ass. I used to take my big stack and let it blind down to nothing so I could bubble out. No more. I am in these things to win.

My backers cash game money is doing ok. I have doubled it. I am a little rusty in my cash game as it is totally opposite of my mentality in an MTT or HU SNG. I have been making some terrible calls when I knew I was beat and need to just stop that. I have also made some really good plays which either worked out to get me someones stack or ended up getting sucked out on with 2-3 outs. No biggie.

My roll is also growing. Mostly doing SNGs and some Razz with it. The people who play razz are escapees from the lobotomy factory and need to get a clue. I can not wait to play that game a little more.

Next big MTT is the Mookie on Wednesday.


Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

And today's Hoyazo reference is where?

11:01 AM

Blogger HighOnPoker said...

Wait, if you are at the top of your game, then why do you keep flaming out? You may want to revise that sentence.

1:23 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

That is EXACTLY what I am suppose to do Jordon.

1:42 PM

Blogger pokerpeaker said...

Cash games are a lot different, IMHO, than tournaments. Remember there are no blinds so people don't need to push. It's rare, especially at the levels we're playing, that people will push with nothing. The motivation just isn't there. Other than that I agree you are playing well.

2:14 PM


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