Wednesday, April 18, 2007


I love the Mookie on Full Tilt. It is at 10:00EST tonight I read wrong or something. It is by far my favorite game.. not only because my hard work made it the success it is today but because I love playing T8o like the hammer and shouting MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK! as loud as I can every Wednesday. Now that it is part of Alvin's big brogger bruhaha it should get even more participation than usual.

Apparently Jeciimd was somewhat miffed about something I said.. I guess I said he was tight and folded to the bubble a lot. Not that he was a bad player. Just too tight for MTT play unless your goal is to make the bubble or the little money. All of this goes along with my recent experimentation with more aggressive MTT play. The interesting part about his rant.. and I did enjoy it.. besides the blatant mis-information about number of blogger cashes in the past eight months.. is he totally agrees with me.

So I tell him something I think he could work on in his game.. he then calls me all kinds of names and says I am totally wrong.. and yet, in the very same post, he says this..

Moving right along to the Big Game last night, I abandoned my check-fold strategy in favor of some actual poker playing. Unfortunately the results were eerily similar--i.e. deep run, points, no cash. -- Jeciimd

Ummm.. So lets see.. If I can paraphrase.. Poopy mouth how dare you say I fold too much doodie head I am better than you, nah nah nah. Oh btw I do fold too much. Is that the post in a couple of sentences or less?

Anyway.. schizophrenia works great for me I am glad to see you enjoying it too.


Blogger Hammer Player a.k.a Hoyazo said...

I wish I had pointed in 7 of 7 BBT tournaments man. I would be satisfied with 2 out of 7 right now. Even if I had won none of them. I would feel like I was in a position to make a run at the top leaderboard spots, and I would certainly feel like I had demonstrated very good poker skills along the way. I mean, it's not actually like jec is playing super tight like some of the donks we know and love. He may not mix it up as much as you or I, but his results I think speak for themselves. He's been making it fairly deep in probably a good half of the BBT tournaments so far, even if he has no final tables like most of us do not.

And hey if something you've done or said has gotten jec not only to post but to rant a little bit, then more power to you both.

I have a feeling you are final tabling the Mookie tonight. I haven't looked forward to a specific blogger tournament like you do to the Mookie in months man.

1:24 PM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I do not think Jeciimd is a bad player at all.. I think he is very good.. I just think that folding to 23rd place to get points is not profitable and not particularly impressive. It is great he is high on the leaderboard but I am more impressed by Don's short and improbable run or Ossuramamanas nice cashes than not making any of the money spots.

2:10 PM

Blogger jjok said...

dude, you're just jealous he has more points.

That, and you play like a wuss near the bubble and stuff.

And you smell too.


2:25 PM


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