Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Another MATH finish

First of I will tell Iggy right now: Your mine. You are so on my shit list. Revenge will be mine! He has sucked out on me for the last three games.. ok, so the last one was a re-suck but three games.. three flush draws.. three ouchies for me. Each of those suckouts has cost me a good finish and gotten him a better finish. You have awoken my ire little man. Not that it slumbers that deeply mind you.

MiamiDon has been getting pushed down the Blogger event chart. He first loses his first place standing to OSU and now Iggy takes over as most cash won. Don just does not have enough donkey blood for these things. He has too much skill and should stick to the cash games or at least high stakes tourneys. I think he has too much pride to stop trying to get back in first though. We shall see.

I on the other hand channeled my inner donkey and made it count. I started off playing like such a tard it was not even funny. I played the first 15 hands of the tourney including a horrible call down with AJ TP jack kicker.. and with 1300 chips my hero comes to my rescue. Smokkee starts talking so much shit I can not let him get away with it. So with my table reputation in shambles I jam the IG(99). The sexy girl does not let me down and I double up through said loud mouth Smokkee and his Hoyazo(AJo). He then utters the single stupidest comment I have ever heard from him and that is saying a lot "If you did not win that coin flip you would be out". Derrr!!!

My image in total shards I call a small raise with pocket tens.. and the flop is a lovely ATx. I cold call the flop and the turn king scares me a little but I believe I am still ahead so when he leads out I JAM. My opponent takes FOREVER which rules out QJ to me and I am grinning ear to ear. I have to think he saw my earlier play and thought I was a tool.. which is true.. so made the call with AQ. He did not suckout on the river and now I was wayyyy up.. top ten stack.

Smokkee falls out somewhere around this time and I get a table change. I make what I think was a huge read against this guy I had never played before named Mike. We both had large stacks. My stack was around 4K and his was near 6K I believe. He is the guy who got me with AQ vs AJ in the early hand. So I raise up my AQ and he cold calls me. The flop comes Axx. Two hearts. He pauses and checks. So I lead out for 1K in order to take the hand down and he cold calls. The turn is a FUGLY heart. We both check here. Then he leads out for 2600 on the river. This constitutes most of my remaining stack. I had watched him closely before because I did not know his style of play. He JAMMED all in on some hands where he had the nuts. So I discarded the flush because of this. A lot of other hands beat me here but I put him on a steal on a fairly scary board.. So I make a difficult call and I am right. He has A5 s000ted diamonds. It was a hard call as it would have left me with less than 2K behind at a time when the blinds were high. Instead I made the difficult call and stacked up to 10K. I was now in decent shape.

The hand that catapulted me to the money was a three way all in. Cmitch who I respect the hell out of was a short stack and pushed in his 2K. I cold called with pocket tens and Mike comes over the top of me for 900 more. A little more than I wanted to invest in the hand but obviously I had to call. So the cards are turned over and Cmitch has 77, and Mike has AA looking good for a HUGE pot. Instead a ten hits the flop and gives me 18K worth of chips. Still only in second place.

The rest of the night was pretty uneventful. I took out two players again at the final table to make the money. Chipping me up to around 30K. I forget the hand but it was not that hard of a call. I then gave a bunch back with 89d vs Columbo's AQ. No improvement for me. I chipped down a little as the blinds got huge and the stacks stayed even. I then stole a pot with 34o.. and pushed on Iggy's blind the next hand with JTo. He made the easy call with A3c. The flop comes Jxx with two clubs and the midget resucks me on the river. Hitting his third flush against me in the past three games we have played. I like my move here. It costs Iggy most of his chips to call me and I double up if I win. I am 40/60 to take it down or something in the that range and if I do double up I can probably go a lot deeper than the 5th place I went out in. Overall a nice showing though.

I got a chuckle out of the leader board. The first 33-points places all have cashes except for one noticeable exception. Keep getting those points though my friend! I had to jump ahead of him this week after missing a whole week of events and letting him catch up.

I am happy with my MTT game lately. I am on a little hot run and I have been playing my little heart out. I have a 75% ROI for the past 120-days which is nice and does not include any blogger events of which I have cashed in 4-5. I need to keep adjusting my game but I really think it is coming along. I am going to try and get some 75/tokens so I can try some of the deep stack games with bigger payouts. I also am going to take MiamiDon's advice (which is usually good) and keep trying to satellite into the 400K.. I mean if Sucko can go deep why can't I? Right? heh. It is good to have goals anyways! Good luck everyone.


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Blogger crazdgamer said...

Waffles: In the hand against me, the flop was KTx with an Ace on the turn. I was hoping the c-bet on the flop would force you out, then I hit my pair on the turn and thought I was good.

11:17 AM

Blogger smokkee said...

"if it weren't for luck...."

3:28 PM

Blogger Raveen said...

nice job...donkey

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