Friday, April 27, 2007

Cash Game

Played some NLHE of the 25 dollar variety last night. I soon found my table infested with bloggers. We had Hoyazo, Smokkee, Fluxer, MiamiDon, JJ, Bayne, JecciiMD, Drizzle, and Sucko. We also had the lovely and overplaying of crap cards Texas. Sweetie I only say this because I love you: STOP PLAYING AT/KQ TO RAISES! I predicted she would get in trouble doing that after she cracked my JJ with KQ. Only gonna cause you trouble. Sometimes I am not all that happy to be right.

Sucko livened up the table by being a total donkey ass. I was able to benefit to the tune of one buyin against him but I wish it was more. I actually folded AKh against his first push at our table. Everyone gave me a hard time about it. Lucko basically was pushing ATC a lot that night.. this was his first hand. My reasoning was that AK vs ?? is not the best place to double up pre-flop. Sure I could be ahead or at worse slightly behind.. but when he is willing to bet into me with 86o on an AAx board when I am holding AJo I think I can wait for a better spot.

Smokkee had some luck stacking Lucko as well as some ass hats that joined the table as bloggers went to sleep. My other table was nuts. I got quads twice. I got KK cracked by AA pre-flop. I knew I should have folded. I keep hearing people tell me you never fold KK in these games. However I think if your instincts scream for you to fold you gotta go with them. I made the bad call because I was playing 25/NL instead of going with my gut feelings and playing the hand correctly.

The second table I was up a buyin twice.. and ended the night down five bucks. The first table I made a HORRIBLE call against Drizzle with TPTK and lost a huge pot. I ended up almost 2 buyins there.. for a net win of a little over 1.5 buyins. Not bad.

My statistics in PT are funny. I Lost the most with two bad plays with AK and KK. Next came T9s on a bluff. After that came a big suckout by a loser drawing to a straight. And last but not least was JJ when April called my pre-flop raise with KQ and hit.

Big winners of the night were TT.. when I flopped a set, rivered top boat and got paid off by JJ's trips. 77 with QUADS BABY! The aforementioned AJ hand with Sucko. A suckout on IamSkiddoo with AQ. The flop comes 77x so I stab at it small. The turn is an Ace so I stab at it again.. Skiddoo raises me to six, a min raise, and the river gives me the Aces full runner-runner suckout. Skiddoo calls my all in river bet. 76 s0000ted and 23off made straights and flushes for nice pots. The 76 s000ted flopped a flush against Skiddoo's TPTK and all the money went in on the flop with him drawing dead to runner-runner KT. Those hands are always good for the soul. No stress at all.

Anyway.. I probably will donk it up a bit with Katitude at the 1$ rebuy tonight on Full Tilt. I also will hit the cash tables again and try and make some money. Until then. Peace.


Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

I can't believe you hate my hair! Wow - so harsh. It had red in it before too, there's just more now.

Oh well - I still like it.

4:30 PM

Blogger Unknown said...

I enjoyed the chat more then the cards and look forward to the next game as always :)

6:30 AM


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