Friday, May 04, 2007

Katitude Friday Night Fiasco

I start my night by warming up for Katitudes Friday Night Donkeyment by playing some Razz. Normally I like 2/4.. but nothing was open so I sit at a 3/6 table. First hand of the night and I win a 30$ pot, and then I end up winning 70$ more over the course of about ten minutes while waiting for the 1$ rebuy madness to commence. I fold out of there and prepare for the Donkeyment.

So I get my starting table. A ton of people I respect at my first table including Weak, PokerWolf, and Iron Girrrlll.. oh yeah, Bayne was there too. I end up rebuying about 5 times. No where near the record on our table which was 54 times. I pushed TT into Weaks second pair of Aces once and finally by the break settled into a top 5 healthy stack of 17K. We had 170 rebuys AND 21 add-on's to make a nice prize pool for the top three.

From there I got good cards. Bluffed alot. By the end of the first break I had gotten into first place with a 20K lead or something like that. I never looked back until the final table. I was on my game. Having fun trading barbs with IG whom I love to death and having a great time. I do not remember many specific hands but I did play Hoyazo AGAIN and this time when he raised the turn he did not suckout on me. I took down a nice pot off of him by recognizing his betting pattern in that spot.

So we make it to the final table and get down to the final four: Bayne, Iron Girrrrlll, CoxLover and I. I have my big lead still when I make my first mistake of the game. I draw to a flush after I allow Bayne to fill up his 44-2 outer, boat on the turn. I actually had a 1-outer to the sf but missed that and hit the normal Ace high flush. So now I was 4th in chips but I had a decent stack and was close to equal with everyone.

I played an aggressive table and chipped myself back into the lead. I notice Bayne is running low on chips and I ask if we should give 4th place ten bucks or something. I mean we played through 3-breaks and spent all this time and to be bubble boy just seemed cruel.

Someone finally busts Bayne and I am cruising along in first when Iron girl kills me. I look down and see QQ.. and she raises me. I make a comment to SoxLover that me and IG want to be alone.. and then she raises.. so I reluctantly re-raise her and she pushes. You will NEVER guess what she had: 33!!! ARGGG! What a terrible move! So I am licking my lips getting ready to go heads up with SoxLover and a THREE hits the fucking turn. My face goes all red and I am SO pissed off it is not even funny. I am left with 24K in chips. All your chips with 33? Cmon IG you can pick a better spot than that.

I will give IG credit she played a GREAT game with a good mix of aggression and laydowns. That one hand is really the only one where I saw her overplay at all. I was FUMING though. So I start stealing a little.. and then on a hand I limp into I flop bottom pair and a straight draw against IG. So I am prepared to push my last 24K in chips here. I do it and she instantly calls. Unlike her other call this one is excellent and she had me killed with top pair flush draw. I type gg into the chat and prepare to mope away.. when miracles of miracles.. the five hits! Holy shit! I am now back to a 50K stack which is pretty much even with SoxLover.

I press my advantage and really punish SoxLovers blind. Fortunately for me he was getting crappy cards and I did not have to go to war with my A3/A9/QJ s00ted type hands. The few times he played back against me I let it go. Finally SoxLover has to push in the EP with KQ. You remember our friend KQ.. the guy who bubbled me from the Blogger tourney last december when I called with TT. Fucker. Anyway.. my AK held up and he was out in second.

So I start playing around with IG and almost before I can get the words "Let's watch the romantic moonlight together for a few more hour IG..".. I find myself facing her raise with AA. I re-raise her to 30K and she shoves and turns over JJ.. She was only allotted one suckout per-night and I took down the Katitude in excellent style. Good game to all the final table contestants. There was some really good poker played.


Blogger bayne_s said...

Well played.

I managed to get through rebuy period with no big Aces, 1 JJ and few 99s but nailing flops left and right with trash hands.

Next week I will pwn you.

Transfer received, but I don't call IG suspicous bet with AQ pre-deal.

10:56 PM

Blogger Ingo said...

Indeed, well play Waffles.

On another note: no comments about your new favourite anti-hands (the wawfuls (A3o) and the s00ted wawfuls (A3s)?!), ghey! ;-)

5:11 AM

Blogger Irongirl01 said...

Great write-up Waffles and not to rantful. One of the dudes I used to play regularly (I think he quit playing) stated IG hates guys going over the top of her... Yup I like it on top !!!...Sometimes I am overly aggressive and it works out :)

I was so looking forward to a longer one on one with you. We do it again soon.

5:50 AM

Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

Nice job baby!!

11:22 AM

Blogger meanhappyguy said...

So three of my table-mates made it to the final four?

Can't say I'm surprised! lol

You, Bayne and IG will have to take over the donating duties next week!

12:26 AM


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