Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Man Who Could Be King

Last night was a fun time at the Mookie. I started the night by dropping like 160 playing Razz and a few SNGs. Not alot of fun when your A234's keep flaming out and getting killed by JJK's. The fun of Razz.

The Mookie was insane. I have practically never been that card dead in my entire life.

The first hand of the night I did not realize AlCantHang was not playing. So I checked down a weak hand with him.. wondering why he had not stabbed at the pot yet.. and he ends up sucking out and winning that hand. It was very amusing. Can not even beat the guy when he is not there.

Later on I tried to get Al into the points by getting everyone to limp in and fold a blind to him for one orbit. Everyone had 2K+ and the blinds where 120.. However nobody likes Al so that never happened.

I laid down a few decent pre-flop hands in EP like TJ s00ted. Obviously you drop these cards early because someone probably is going to raise later. Otis did. With his TJ s000ted. Ouch. The flop comes AQK.. and Otis got plenty of action.

I pushed as a shortie three or four times to keep myself alive. First push was with K6o. I did not notice it was on Fluxers blind.. and with his HUGE stack he probably could of called me.. however he made a rare fold and I survived. I then got some nice hands like AK and chipped up a little.

I almost made the final table on TripJax's tailcoat. I pushed KK from early position with a 2500 chip stack. He had me covered and something told him to fold his AJ.. he listened for once and escaped my evil clutches. He went on and on about how he thought I had a strong Ace and had to fold. I chided him to try and make him call me the next time but he was having none of it. Well played sir.

Finally I make a move I may have been able to get away from. I would do a queer "You Decide" but I do not care what your decision would be so why ask. Actually it is always amusing to hear your pathetic strategy comments so feel free.

I had chipped up to 3K and the blinds were 150/300 with an ante. I look down and see what really was one of the only decent hands I had seen all night: AQo. So I say fuck it and push. Fluxer with his gynormous stack calls with snowmen. He spikes his eight on the flop and I river a queen to rub it in. Where is my runner runner fucking straight? Hello? Jeeez. Anyway.. my thinking here was I was short. I needed a double up. I did not want to chip down to 400 chips and then push and wonder why 47o called me. I do think I could have waited to see if I got a better hand for an orbit or two but I am not heart broken about the play and as it worked out I was only a slight dog pre-flop. The only reason to not push there was: position and anything that calls me is likely ahead possibly way ahead. All in all though I played good for being so card dead.

I think my pointage for this event is going to get me up close to 5th place. If that lazy asshole Al would get off his drunken ass and post the current leaderboard I would know for sure. However I scored a decent amount of points with my 17th place finish.. Most if not all the people ahead of me did not finish well. The guys who did finish well were way behind. So I keep within a win of crushing MiamiDon's spirit and taking his first place mantel for my own. No idea if this is going to happen but we shall try.

Tonight I think I will just have some fun and play some 5-10$ 90-peeps or a 5-10$ MTT. See if I can make a nice score and crank the roll up a bit more. See you then.


Blogger bayne_s said...

It is p*ssy poker to wait for a hand like AQo.

Man up and raise with suited gappers.

Remember the Phil Gordon quote from Celebrity Poker SHowdown: "You are never as behind as you think in No LImit Hold'em"

3:10 PM

Blogger TripJax said...

It was worth the days wait to see I made a good fold. Then again, I lost KK to A8 in the end, so maybe I shouldn't have folded.

Either way...I can die now...I've been complimented by wawfuls.

Well played Sir.

6:41 PM

Blogger Iakaris aka I.A.K. said...

being complimented about your play by wawfuls is something most of live in fear of Trip. look for him outside your bedroom window next.

8:34 PM

Blogger smokkee said...

LOL @ Iak.

i like the push there Wawfs. u lost a coin flip in an MTT to a big stack. it happens.

really looking forward to Al waking from his drunken slumber so we can get an updated leader board.

3:06 AM


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