Friday, May 11, 2007

Last Night

Last night was entirely uneventful. I played the Daily Double-B, because I missed the A. Why did I miss the A? Well my wife decided to go out to a little party so that left me walking home. Five miles. Two hours. A lot of pain. However felt pretty good.

I started out horribly in the DD-B. I call a guys raise with K9o just to play back at him. He is in the BB and I am the SB. The flop comes 9xx. So he bets out and I raise, he re-raises, and I JAM! I mean cmon people! TPTK Waffles style! HU! Has to be good right? WROOOOOONNNG! He had AA.. Good for me that K hit the turn or I might have gone out early instead of waiting a while..

So things are going good.. I call some guys raise with T8o.. flop the ten.. and call both his c-bet and his turn bet. It seemed weak to me. He finally smartens up and checks the river.. but his A9 is no gooood! I take down a nice 3K in chips.

I also make a HUGE call. I have T8c and the board is KJ5, two clubs. The 9 of clubs turns and I check it to get some action. It checks around. The river is a worthless 3, so I decide to bet out 500.. the guy with 7K who covered me decides to push ALL IN. I think and think and think.. Two hands beat me: Qxc and Axc. Both hands are possible. However the jam screams more like 2-pair or a straight. Not sure. So anyways with one second to act I call. If I am going home then so be it. He turns over 34c.. and I suddenly have a huge stack.

I end up losing a few bucks when AK misses a few times, and I commit myself to calling with a 84c steal.. when a shortie goes all in.. He has 88 and no suckout for me. Finally I end up in this beauty of a hand. It is with a guy who bluffed ALOT. I raise JJ.. and he cold calls. The flop comes Q45. I bet out and he min-raises me. I call. The turn he leads for 2K more.. now I call here.. but I am staring to get the idea I am behind.. about 4K lighter for my troubles.. The river is a BEAUTIFUL JACK and I am drooling since I am almost positive I sucked out on AQ.. Nope. He had QQ.. and I two outered the only card that I would invest any more money with. Ouchie. Oh well. I could have let this go earlier I just felt (wrongly) that he was bluffing into me.

I also played the 5.50 Razzamatazz last night. I got deep and had the chip lead most of the game. Down to 15 I take two brutal beats. One by a Q9 and one by a K7. I completed both hands pre-flop with A24/A47 hands. Both hands I improved on 4th street to a low draw. I bet both hands down. I never improved. My board even started looking a lot better but these donkeys cant fold nine, ten and even queen draws. Idiots. The hand I went out on the guy had a made KING and hit a 9 on the river which beat me. I was showing a 467 board UNFORTUNATELY I had paired up on the six and never made my draw. Afterwards I told the donkeys just how I felt about their play. That was entirely too frustrating.

I ended up making back my buyins and a little more by taking 2nd in a 11$ Turbo. I have played only three of these and have a first and second finish so that is pretty cool. I probably could have taken first in this one but I got lazy and just jammed J9 hoping he would either fold or I had two live cards. He calls with his A9 and I do not improve. Oh well.

Tonight is the night of a 1000 donks.. the Katitude $1 REBUY circus donkarama! Go to Katitudes site to get the details.

Blame Raveen for the meme that is coming. He tagged me. I even think he read the 100 things you do not want to know about Waffles.. and yet still he tagged me. I guess you do not have to be smart to be a doctor.


Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

yes - I'm a money whore - I pimp my blog out so that I can have more money to lose at the poker tables :) vicious cycle

10:23 AM

Blogger Butch Howard said...

So you played the Daily Double-B, but missed the Daily Double-A which started 2 minutes earlier?

6:27 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I am talented that way Butch!

6:43 AM


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