Monday, July 09, 2007

Fuck it I am in Ranting Mood

First off I have to say as nice as Tony G was to give Pauly a job.. His fucking laugh is retarded. I mean I was watching the Bad Boys of Poker and besides dressing like a clown.. he fucking laughs like a retarded little girl.. I cant describe the sniveling laugh he makes but it was THE FUNNIEST thing I have ever seen. Fucking tard from the streets. Jeeez.

Then I start reading the stupid Newhouse Neverwin saga part infinity.. Mark Newhouse: YOU ARE A FUCKING RETARD! You lend money to degenerate gamblers and then whine when they do not pay you back. How fucking stupid can you be? I mean cmon. Are you a fucking first grader.. you let all these people punk you.. are you fat or something? Do you need people to like you? You little fucking tard. Grow the fuck up. Get some man balls. Stop lending these retards your money and you will find out IF you have any friends at all!!! Moron! I expect you to send me 10K into my Poker account for this great advice. I probably saved you a million bucks. You retard. Get some better friends. Mmmmkay?

Stupid people make me the maddest of them all.


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