Monday, July 09, 2007

Weekend at the Movies

The Kiddo's and I had a nice weekend.. we went to see the new Pixar movie Ratatouille. I give the movie a two paws up. Very good. Funny. My little one fell asleep towards the end because she is little and it was late.

My degenerate in the making decided to play a game that is about as +EV as roulette. The apple obviously does not fall far from the tree. So he gets his hard earned dollar out of his wallet and gets his tokens for the CLAW. So here he is with his bright eyed youthful exuberance and I am rambling on trying to squash his childhood dreams..

"Son.. those things are a ripoff.. nobody wins. It is set to payout one time in twenty or thirty and you will not be able to wiiinnnnn... hello? Anybody home?"..

So in the middle of one of my rants the damn claw grabs onto the stuffed animal and pulls it out and deposits it into the winner tray. Out comes a brand new stuffed animal for the bargain basement price of 1.50. I am stunned into silence.

Now most of you will think this is "Lucky". However you forget that I have a little one who did not win a stuffed animal. Instantly this translates into a full fledged on the floor rant of the kind I can only dream of. The hysterics of a four year old are something to behold. So I end up with a son who will NEVER believe these machines are rigged and a daughter who THANK GOD fell asleep before we left the theater and had to pass the evil machine again.

It is so easy being a parent.


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