Monday, July 23, 2007

Pain Ju Ju is Good

So the pain from my root canal transferred to luck Ju Ju on Full Tilt yesterday and MANNNNN did I get lucky. Do not get me wrong I think I played pretty strong. Especially after a major beat on the final table.. Ok.. I really was only 5% favorite.. but Hoops calls my all in jam with 2nd pair vs my 16 or more out twice over. I was floored. I was ANNNGRYYY. I channeled it and fought back and took the whole damn Hoy down!!!!!

I can not remember a lot of the hands.. and since I had not turned on hand histories for FT on my new machine I think they are gone.. however here are a few..

Katitude raised from EP, I cold call with 44 thinking she might have AK/AQ.. and my cash game is going on covering the rest of the table so I do not notice Bayne is in the hand. So the betting comes back around to me on a 678 flop.. and I bet exactly what Kat has... I want her to fold any weak hands she might have right here.. then I notice Bayne call.. oops.. Kat folds with a growl. If she is mad that I bet exactly her stack it was not on purpose.. I did not notice Bayne or I would have potted or checked it.. So Bayne cold calls.. and I believe i lead out on the turn.. and then the river is a 4.. I maybe checked and Bayne checked behind.. anyhooo.. I figure my set is probably good so I go ahead and value bet it and Bayne turns over two pair.. If he raised at any point I would have folded but I won anyways.. this is an example of how lucky I was getting..

So I am cruising along and getting some good cards.. I had a big all in with JJ vs AQ.. You know AQ is the nuts right? The flop comes down Axx.. and I just KNOW the jack is coming.. and I river it..

I also got all my chips in vs 3 players.. with 77... HAHA! I was short stacked at the time and decided to gamble.. So one player folds, one turns over KK and Columbo turns over AA.. and you KNOW the 7 falls on the flop! BOOOOM! That got me up to 4K in chips.. I swear I laughed for an hour!!!

Somewhere along the way I got the lead and never looked back until we were down to four players. My arch nemesis Hoops took that hand I told you about.. and IG had a little suckout on me.. but I kept changing the game up.. going passive then aggressive pre-flop.. and took down a ton of pots on bluffs.. I worked my 4th place 10K stack after the suckout back up to 80K vs 20K HU and then it ended like it had to..

I get all his chips in (20K worth) with T9 vs 89 on a 865 board.. on the turn.. with one card to come....... and hit my seven for a straight. BOOM! I was the champion for a night. Feels really good.


Blogger Mike Maloney said...

Congrats you effing donkey.

That 77 hand was one of the more hilarious poker hands I've seen recently. Good times.

11:48 PM

Blogger L'artiste said...

Please sticky this post somewhere and read it whenever you feel like luck is screwing you over or whatever.

3:37 AM

Blogger Drizztdj said...

"Please sticky this post somewhere and read it whenever you feel like luck is screwing you over or whatever."

Which will be the post tomorrow.

Only a porn actress goes up and down more then Waffles and we love him for it.

6:53 AM

Blogger RaisingCayne said...

Oh come on Waffles, your heads up opponent is referred to simply as "him"? Can't I get a little recognition?

Good game man. See you next week...

Stupid river seven!


8:41 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

Sorry man I was a bit tired at the time I wrote this.. I will link "him" to your

9:31 AM

Blogger CarmenSinCity said...


Congratulations waffles. I could do without all the details and the hand information, but I'm glad you won :)


2:28 PM

Blogger Matt said...

Nice job holmes! Next time I get 77 I'm pushing, in honor of you!

5:37 PM

Blogger Fuel55 said...

See - even gimps can win!

8:04 PM


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