Friday, July 20, 2007

Poker Fuckers

I played poker last night.. AQ was my major nemesis as people were calling off huge pre-flop bets and 4-betting LHE with fucking AQ... and catching all kinds of shit. My favorite hand was when K6 s00000ted called 4 bets cold pre-flop and flops a flush draw, caps it again, and hits a king on the turn the beat my QQ. Fucker. I remember why I hate poker again.


Blogger iamhoff said...

I hate limit. There's no way to protect a good hand from a fonkey willing to chase anything to the river. Ugly stuff, man.

1:58 PM

Blogger smokkee said...

bet pot or push....oh nevermind. you're playing ghey ass limit. enjoy!

2:22 AM


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