Sunday, August 12, 2007

CoxLover gets soooo lucky..

Some people are so lucky... but the Katitude donkeyment is for fun and I had a good time. I was down to about 1K in chips at one point and Numbono was wising off because he thought he had a bunch of chips with his 10K stack.. well I do not see his ass in the final three and that is because he donked them all off.. You can take the asshole out of the donkey but you can't take the donkey out of the asshole..

Peace. I may Hoy it up tomorrow night.


Blogger Pseudo_Doctor said...

AJo is for donkey's

11:01 PM

Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

Oh yeah - I meant to comment on your middle name - Francis!? WOW! That's a good one baby. I love it!

12:06 PM

Blogger jusdealem said...

Thanks for the comment, Waffles. Btw, yes, I have many other areas I could work on!

3:18 PM


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