Friday, August 10, 2007

I Thought I Was Running Well Today

It was all going great.. I had no money this morning.. but when we trade the big bosses bring in lunch for free.. and with the market going nuts we got some free lunch! Woo hoo! Then my favorite lady stabs me in the back. Carmen how could you do this to me? I really despise my middle name... but... since I was tagged and believe in full disclosure here goes.. (man you owe me a lap dance or something baby).. Francois. Oh god and I just looked up what it means from that name meaning book thingy:

Definition: Literally meaning "Frenchman" or "one from France," Francois derives from the Old French "Franceis" and Late Latin name "Franciscus" meaning Frenchman. The French form of the surname FRANCIS.

Just fucking shoot me now.


F Fuck. I thought you guys knew not to try and learn new things about me. You never, ever, are the same afterwards. I may have mentioned this before but the first chick I fucked was REALLY REALLY FAT and on the RAG. She was horrible. Big letdown. I am so fucking glad I was drunk out of my skull BUT not drunk enough to stay the night. Do not get my wrong. I like fat girls but she was just a pig in every sense of the word. If she had a personality I would probably never even have noticed she was fucking fat. Fat bitch. I still hate you.

R Retarded. School is fucking retarded. I will give you an example of the lie that modern education is. I dropped out of school in 11th grade. I got a GED. I now make more money than 90% of the people I know. I do the same job as a ton of people making 50-70K less than me. Being self motivated and pushing to get what you deserve is much better than having a piece of paper.

Although I will say I might go back someday if I ever have the time. Probably just to get stoned and fuck college aged girls. I think if you enjoy education (which I do just not in a school environment) then it is cool. Just do not think once you graduate your done. My wife has an Ivy League degree from one of the sister schools.. I do not even know how many sisters there are. I make far more than her.

A Asshole. I think I was on the road to being a total asshole as a kid. I used to be relatively popular and I picked on this one kid mercilessly. We then moved and the shoe was on the other foot. karma is a bitch. I think it was all for the best though because now I have a better perspective on life and am not a huge asshole I just play one on the internet.

N Never. I have never done any serious drugs. It is amazingly funny to me that all growing up everyone around me though I was a total druggy. I think it was because I have issues with sleep and always had that rundown, slow, bags under your eyes kind of super stoner look. I did try a pot and hash a few times. Can probably count them on my fingers. I may try one of those stupid percosets my dentist gave me. Just to see what they are like. Although I have an addictive personality towards games I have never had any medical addictive tendencies.

As a kid as a mater of fact I thought if you took acid you would be sitting in a meeting like 10 years later and all of the sudden flip out and trip and do crazy shit.

C Coke. No not cocaine. Coca Cola. I am an addict. I drink so much of the shit it is not even funny. I never drink water. Ever. I drink so much Coke that sometimes I get acid buildup in my toe and it causes gout.

O Ok. I have a fucking long middle name. I have already told you about my orgasms so hmmm.. how about Origin. I was born premature. I was a few months early. I was put in an incubator and I swear to this day that is why I relate to computers better than most humans. My mommy was a machine. Long live the machines!

I I am really gonna kill you Carmen. Inception. I always thought my parents were married BECAUSE they had me. They just so did not fit together and the dates are so close.. so as an adult I have endless hours of fun telling my mom that she was a slut and got preggers before she was married. Ahhh life's little joys.

If you can not tell I have never really gotten along well with my parents. My dad died a few years back and while I find that I actually do miss him sometimes I can really relate to how Special-K says he feels like he should feel something more. It is not because I was abused or anything.. possibly neglected somewhat.. but it is what it is.. I do not have any hard feelings towards them but I also do not feel especially close.

S Skydiving. Figure I will cop out on the last one. I have been skydiving and I do not think it is scary. It was boring to be frank. I thought it would be a thrill ride but it is too surreal to create roller coaster type thrills. Oh well.

Anyway.. go blame Carmen for this and tell her to NEVER meme me again.


Blogger lj said...

i totally agree w/ you about skydiving! i was expecting it to be a huge rush, and instead it felt a nice way to see some pretty scenery. bungee jumping was way better thrill -- maybe give that a shot?

9:48 PM

Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

OK - no meme's for you anymore.

Also, try some drugs. Your really missing out.

Oh, and I'm still waiting for my perks when you come out here in December.

12:08 PM


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