Sunday, October 07, 2007

Blinders Fantasy Sports Gheyarama

I placed my first bets with Fantasy Sports Live. I hope I win! heh. I have a few New England players so that part should go well.

The site itself is very nicely done. The look of the site is very professional. I have done website design off and on for years (mostly backend work, ya ya giggle all you want childish people) and it is top notch.

The interface for signing up for a game is good also. It holds your hand and walks you down the list of players from most important (QB) to possibly the least (DEF).. You have (in my contest) 950 points to spend on a 9 man Fantasy Football team. The prices for a head QB or RB are between 150-250 and so you run out of room to buy good players towards the bottom.

A lot of the game requires strategy and I have no grasp on what the right moves are in it. Do you load up heavy in the good positions and totally abandon lets say the kicker? Do you go lite in some spots and have a full team? I really have not examined the mechanics of the game in depth and so I just placed a full team on and I am hoping for some luck.

The FAQ for the game tells you all about the scoring among other things. It is slightly different from your normal Yahoo! Sports fantasy scoring so be sure to read it. I think the main difference from what I am used to is how the defense works.

The rake is built into the game so unlike a site such as Full Tilt you are not really aware of the rake. You have to look at the game.. see that the $100 prize money is actually $90.. and figure your rake is $1.. anyway... no big deal.. It works out better in my opinion having equal dollar amounts instead of having to come up with an extra dollar like Al at a strip club.

Anyway I am excited to see how well I do today. I will let you know who on my team breaks his leg on the first play... cause that is how I run.


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