Thursday, October 04, 2007


Played the Mookie last night. I think this is one of my worst games ever. Ha! I just was feeling really unfocused and out of it. I made one good play all night re-raising Hoyazo out of a hand. He was raising like a mofo. A lot more than normal. I could give him credit for getting good hands all night but I doubt it.

I also made an iffy play 3-ways with AK. I raised the pot 600 - against Bayne and Rake and the flop came 679 or some crap. I *assumed* these guys did not call a huge raise like that with a monster hand.. and they probably had Ax's or weak pairs.. So I jammed the flop (I had roughly 2000 left and the pot was 1800 or something in this ballpark) and they both folded. I hope I was saying "Hey I have a pair like Jacks".. but Rake smelled a rat and yet the pussy folded. Heh. Just kidding man. If I had to make a guess he maybe had 5's or something.. not sure..

Anyhoo.. I proceeded to Donk off against Hoy and then jammed with a flush draw against TPTK of PushMonkey and was not able to improve. Like I said my head was not in it. I think I was tired or something. I dunno.

I did have fun playing.. and listening to CK musical voice quote poetry to me. She denies she was talking about me but hey, who can resist Waffles!!! Just in case I scared her, no, I was not heading for the train station for real.

I am currently destitute online so next exciting poker content may take a week or so.. Actually I have a few things I can play so we will see.. For sure going to be at the Stars freeroll and who knows what else.


Blogger CarmenSinCity said...

I'm on the east coast now baby!

6:07 AM

Blogger ckbluffer said...

Ah Waffles. Your bark is worse than your bite.

8:39 AM


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