Thursday, September 27, 2007

Poker Tilt Remidies and Other Stuff

Fuck poker. Lets talk about other shit. Oh btw -- When I lost last night I did say "bastard" and I want it to be made clear I was not calling LJ a bastard.. as I think she is a fine person.. I was calling poker a bastard!!! Stupid poker. I actually have a great way to not tilt after these disgusting sick suckouts at key time: Go play Warcraft and KILL KILL KILL KILL things!!!!!". It works great.

Kawhoojujuj made me take the nerd test and so I pass the day wasting crap on to you. My results are not unexpected. says I'm a Highly Dorky Nerd King.  What are you?  Click here!

I quit yet another WoW guild last night. I really hate guilds. I really hate people so this is not surprising. Some fucktard was saying I did not kill these level 50 elite Dragons solo. I was sort of looking to quit anyways.. but this made a nice excuse. The guild leader while a nice guy is retarded when it comes to raiding. I guess he just likes to rush around and die. I prefer to use some strategy and planning to succeed in raids. Different styles.

The kiddo's are cute as usual. My son has grand plans for "Sportstopia".. the idea the little trump has is that we will pool "OUR" money and buy sports cards and bobble heads and all kinds of sports memorabilia. Of course all of said items will live in his room. Got to give the kid credit for trying.

My daughter uses the more direct approach.

"Daddy, give me money".. Uh huh..
"Um, I know you are freaking adorable but why exactly should I give you money?".. "Because I said so"...
"um, no".. then the pouty face.. "butttt daddy listen to my piggy bank.. hear that?".. "Ummm... no"..
"See daddy it is empty and it needs money".

Of course this works and I throw a few coins her way. I think I am in big trouble. She is only four.


Blogger lj said...

ha, you think? i would say wait till she turns 12 or 13, but the way kids grow up these days just give her a year or two...she will be expecting hefty allowance.

thanks for clarification, i was in such shock i did not even notice chat. but i would hope that if you were going to insult me you would at least use gender-proper b-word. :)

1:22 PM

Blogger jamyhawk said...

I'd just like to 2nd your statement: "Fuck Poker"


9:45 AM


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