Tuesday, November 20, 2007

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3 Card Poker

Casino Bar's 3 Card Poker Game
3 card poker is two online games in one. The player may bet on either one of the games, both, and in different amounts. Both casino games are based on hands consisting of three cards.

3 Card Poker Enhanced (Java) Navigation
* As soon as you feel ready to start playing, simply enter
a betting amount by choosing any betting chips (an
arrow will be next to the chips you
selected). Once you choose your chips, click on the 3
card poker table either, "Pair Plus" or "Ante" to insert
the chips. At the Java platform the chips are
automatically placed on the online casino table when
* Note: To remove chips from table, click on right mouse
* There are two ways of playing 3 Card Poker. Please view
"Pairs Plus" and "Ante and Play" below for more
information about the game, The best way to play it
and how to improve your odds:

Pairs Plus
This is a fun and simple game in which you get three cards and are paid according to their value. The dealer's hand is immaterial. There is no raising and no discarding; in fact no skill of any kind is involved just pure good luck at this online casino game. Note that a straight is harder to form than a flush.

The following table shows various pay tables for Pairs Plus

Straight Flush Example Specifications Payoffs

Straight Flush 3 sequential cards, same color 40 to 1

Three of a Kind Same type of card 30 to 1

Straight 3 sequential cards 6 to 1

Nothing Lost

House Edge 2.32%

Ante & Play Strategy and action
Play begins with a wager on Ante. After the player views his three cards he may either "raise" by putting an equal bet on play or "fold" and lose the Ante bet.

If the player does raise, believing he has better odds in the game, he goes against the dealer's hand. The dealer needs at least a queen high to qualify.
Below are the possible outcomes and their payouts:
* Dealer does not qualify: Ante wins 1 to 1, play bet is returned.
* Dealer qualifies and player beats dealer: Both play and Ante win 1 to 1.
* Dealer qualifies and dealer beats player: Both Play and Ante lose.
* Dealer qualifies and dealer ties player: Both Play and Ante push.

3 Card Poker is great, exciting and fun no download game!
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