Friday, November 16, 2007


So I started playing around with that site that said I was Elementary School and there were some interesting results.. - Collect UnderGrad
AlCantHang - Junior High (der)
Dr. Pauly - Elementary School
Change100 - Elementary School

NY Post - Elementary School
NY Times - Junior High
Boston Globe - GENIUS! BOOYAH!

MIT - College Grad
Harvard - Genius
Perdue (The Chicken not the College) - GENIUS!!

McDonalds - Genius
Wendy's - College Undergrad
Burger King - College Undergrad
Taco Bell - Elementary School! (Sure pick on the Mexicans)

... hmmmm ... wonder what the criteria is..


Blogger JL514 said...

Nice! I'm elementary school too.

5:03 PM


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