Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Been thinking..

I have been thinking a lot about cash games and figure I need a lot more discipline in my game. Not the good kind of discipline that involves CK, handcuffs, and a blindfold but the tough kind. Treating the game like a business. Spending certain amounts of time and sticking to it. Not keeping on playing "Just to win that twenty cents back".. Last night is a perfect example of why I lose at cash. I was going to hang it up at 12AM but.. just one more hand.. I could get lucky.. maybe double up.. and at 1:30 I finally shut it down. It is a small thing. Did not cost me anything. I may even have made a few bucks more.. but winning in cash I am convinced is about the long view. Treating it like a job almost. Setting working hours. Quitting on time. Not caring if that means leaving up some or down some. Just seeing the results looking back after a few months and loving the fact that you have built something that will last over time.


Blogger BWoP said...

That's so sad. I just became the proud owner of a new set of handcuffs. I figured it would be a bad idea to bring them to Vegas. Waffles can only handle so much stimulation in one day.

1:17 PM

Blogger HighOnPoker said...

The only proble is that when you treat poker like a job...it feels like work.

That's why I prefer to play SNGs and MTTs online (even if I don't play either much). At least then its a win or lose situation. The cash games can sometimes feel tedious. Also, after several months, it might feel like you've built something that will last, but by the same token, you can lose that all in one sitting. Cash is a bitch that way.

2:34 PM


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