Sunday, December 30, 2007


My advertising payment from Bodog finally was able to be deposited on site and I have started playing there. I refuse to become the total shill that Smokkee is but I have to give them some props. So far I have been hitting the 3k tourney over the weekend and a few SNGs. In the tourney I have placed 19th and 89th. I could have done much better in both but I made ill conceived plays at bad times. Hey I am Waffles this is what I do. I am trying to clamp down on this.

The software at Bodog is very unfriendly. It just does not have a intuitive feel to it. However once you get used to it you are fine. There are a few nice options for reporting peoples cards and hands in the options pane and I suggest turning them on. A very smart short person once told me "Sharks hate bad software".. and this axiom has served me well.

The tourneys themselves are awesome for Jeciimd(tm) style play. The levels are long.. Antes do not kick in for a while and you can really play a solid game. Even with only 1500 starting chips I never feel rushed in this game. Of course I have a need to self destruct towards the end but that is another story.

The reporting mechanisms on the tourneys leave a lot to be desired. I have a hard time figuring out where I am in the tourney.. how close we are to getting rid of the last few people.. etc etc.. I would like to see more of a running total of every user in the tourney if possible.

I have heard many stories regarding the trustworthiness of the site itself. It does not offer any cash out method other than check and it usually takes two weeks to get paid from what I have heard. Since cashing out is not one of my strong points I will have to wait to comment on these issues. I would not have too much of an issue with waiting two weeks for a check although I think the site would be well served to have quicker methods to get your cash out.

As for suckouts. These exist on Bodog as they do on Riverfuckers, and Full Tilt. I just today got all my chips in with AQ vs KQ on a AQx flop and my opponent got runner -runner flush. However with the structure the way it is, and a run of good cards, after I told him to fuck off and I hated him, I went on to win the whole thing. It was tough to get decimated and only have 800 chips left with five people remaining. The comeback was fun though. The final hand of the game was against said KQ flush fucker and he jammed all in with A6 vs my KT on a T6x flop. There were myriad raises and re-raised in between. I felt he might have me beat but I had a big lead at the time and took the risk with my KT. This could be a wonderful relationship.

As for my screen name. Well you will have to find it out for yourselves. Besides a few friends I am keeping it secret. If you see someone at Smokkee's tourney yell "Fuck you you horrible fucking excuse for a human".. then I may be outed otherwise you will have to figure out which comedic depiction of my playing style is correct and try and find me that way.

While I am at it buy Johnny Hughes book at Amazon. I have no idea why. It seems the in thing to do on your road to becoming an A-Lister. I have read his posts on Iggy's site and found myself enjoying them.. they sort of remind me of diarrhea.. they go on for a while and kind of smell a bit but in the end you feel better after having them. I will never have the writing prose of a Dr. Pauly or Johnny Hughes but I try and fill my little nitch.

Peace. Oh yeah almost forgot. UN-DE-FEET-ED!!!!


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