Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Never Satisfied

Sometimes this is good and other times not so much.

I hit up the 50/NL tables last night. I think I played fucking awesome. Some of the hands that I had were as follows.

I have AJ on a JJxxx board, rainbow, no straights. I lose to an 88 boat. Lucky for me this person was a fucking tard and only bet very small amounts. I actually had a note on them that said "Small Bet big Hand", but I ignored this on the river and put in a small value bet which they just called. uh, hello?

I have KJ and limp in the blind. I see a flop of Jxx. All unders. I bet. I bet turn. I bet river. I never once get raised and I lose to KK. How the fuck do you never raise here? Ever? At all? Wow.

I have AK on a Kxx board and lose to yet another set hitting against me.

I have QQ and I fold it pre-flop. Early position raises to two bucks. I re-raise to four. He re-raises to ten. Now normally this play is read dependant but I had a good read on him and the other two times I re-raised him he folded.

I got Aces and Kings a bunch of times. I usually re-raised any initial raise with them and AK also and got a bunch of folders. Nobody really ever played back at me pre-flop.

I was pretty tight the entire game. I played 18% of my hands and raised almost everything I played. I showed down a few bad hands to show people I did not always raise with good hands.

Some of my biggest wins were with Ace high. I snapped off two river bluffs with only Ace high and won both pots. I had seen this guy do the same thing a few times. Raise in position with a week suited hand. C-bet the flop. Check the turn. Lead out with a weakish bet on the river. A few times I let him have the hand. Then I snapped off his bluff a couple of times to make a profit. He stopped trying to bluff me on the river.

So in like four hours of play I lost a grand total of fifteen dollars. I think I played a great game too. Fucking cash! Kiss my ass. I then went and played SIX heads up SNGs, went 5-1, and scored a nice little forty buck profit covering all my loses and then some for the night. Why do I want to play cash? I have no idea.


Blogger Schaubs said...

Cash is King.

Keep at it.

12:17 PM

Blogger Lucypher said...

Thanks for checking out my blog, Sir. I have enjoyed your rants for years. We met in Vegas in December at the MGM poker room.

7:19 AM


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