Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sick Sick SNG

My night was pretty horrid. First in the Mookie Predator06 had a hooker come to his house and since he was paying by the hour he tried to bust out quickly. I mean the guy was jamming ATC.. So I get the bright idea to stand up to his 'tarded play and jam my measly pocket fours into his early position raise. I am extremely brilliant and when he called and turned over 83 diamonds my great play was rewarded EXCEPT that I failed to take into account that I was in middle position and the guy on the CO had Cowboys. So recap. I jam my fours. Kings rejam. Idiot with 83d calls. The Cowbows hold up and I go home sad. At least I outlasted that retard Fuel.

I then played a 6.60 SNG. Now this went a little better and I found myself HU for the championship of the world with a 13K to 700 chip lead. Then this motherfucker goes on one of the sickest runs ever. Some of the highlights of her ten suckouts in a row. I got my kings cracked by 64o. I got in bad with K6 vs K9 but the flop gave me a miracle six the river took it back with a nine. I got in with J4 vs J5.. again I flop a four and the river brings a five. I got in a few races with 33 vs A6 and A9 vs Q6. Lost. I swear this cunt went on a ten to fifteen hand unbeatable streak and this was after she knocked the third place stack out with K5c vs K9 where she rivers a club flush. I know I complain about my bad luck but this was unfucking believable. If anyone would like an email of the match I will send it to you. It has to be seen to be believed. All I request is that you apologize for doubting me in the comments.

I ended the night trying two more SNGs. Nothing remarkable in these. I played the 180-peep on Stars. Went deep. Then with the blinds at 200 decided to risk a race with sevens.. against eight.. ick. I really enjoyed this game as the play was horrible and I will be trying it again. I also played a six peep 6.60 which I failed at when my flopped OESD/Flush draw could not outrace the all powerful 99 over cards.

I finished the night getting fucked in the ass by Pushmonkey as he played some crappy 8249 hand or some shit like that to my AK35 double s000ted god of a hand with a 248 two heart flop. I outdrew him on the turn when I hit my straight and he fucking redrew to a higher straight on the river. Cocksucker. I really fucking hate you almost as much as Coxlover. I should just disappear from FT forever.. you will never find me.. It gets tiring when people gun for you every night. I feel like Doyle Brunson but with less money.

Tonight is Riverfuckers for sure. Probably another 180-peep too. I used to do great in those on Stars. Speaking of Riverfuckers our own AlCantHang has a heart of gold.. it is mixed with booze.. but gold and booze baby.. He asks anyone who can to send a little donation to a friend walking in some Philadelphia Cancer walk. Now I have driven through Philadelphia and believe me I would NEVER walk through it. Fucking burning cars, people shooting each other in the streets, real Ghetto. So I think donating to this poor doomed person is a good idea. If you want to throw a little something in go to her shill site and give it up. Al assures me that I can get some good Karma from a donation so I will be sending a little something myself.

Last but not least..

One Live Chicken $25
One Live Bunny $37
A three child cart $55
Expert film services $500
JJ having a heart attack from his wife's picture obsession priceless

Peace out people.


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my kids rock....


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