Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Playing in a Poker Tournament

People who play poker obviously play it because they love the game.  While they might also being playing to win money, there needs to be a love of the game involved or it will just become boring.  But even the most enthusiastic player gets bored sometimes and that’s when it is time to leave the regular table and step into a poker tournament.

Freeroll poker tournaments provide a much needed relief from the average action that takes place at a normal card table and also puts some thrill and excitement into the game.  Plus, a poker tournament usually gets a lot more attention than the regular cash games at casinos and online poker rooms and can get certain people some fame in the process.

There are various sizes for a poker tournament in an online poker game.  Some of them are small events where only 20 to 30 people will be in attendance.  Prizes for such types of events are usually not very significant but neither are the entry fees either.

A bigger poker tournament may see 300, or even more, people at the felt.  Tourneys such as these may not have a high entry fee either do to the fact that so many people are involved and they can yield a pretty significant prize as well for those who finish in the upper part. 

Poker tournament like at BetUS Poker Room can happen online too.  An event like the World Series of Poker, which occurs at a real location, attracts thousands of players and sees millions of dollars spent in the process.

Most average or beginning players shouldn’t attend such an event and are better off learning the poker tournament ways at a local card room or small online venue.


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