Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Loretta Making Waves

Loretta did what he had to do last night and won some points. The lead is down to <150 with Two games remaining. It is never easy is it? Estimated facts cackled with glee from our dear MIA AlCantHang last night on the girlie chat.

I played to win last night. I perhaps should have folded to 15th and taken the forty points but fuck it I went for the juggler. I called RecessRampages all in and raced my AQ against his K8 getting crippled. Loretta then doubled me up when my Q9 beat his 44. RecessRampages then had a chance to eliminate Loretta when his AK went up against J6. I then jammed my A7 into someones A6 and we ended up tied. Finally with my somewhat crippled stack I jammed my sevens right into Loretta's KK. Ouch. Congratz to Loretta for getting some much needed points. The game last night really shows MTT play at it's most basic. If I win a hand from RecessRampages or the A7, or if RecessRampages takes out Loretta then I am free rolling to the April win and probably adding a bunch of points to my lead last night. Apparently I have Lightning to thank for saving me a few points.

In my estimation* Loretta has to make some amount of points tonight OR outright win the Mookie tomorrow. Second place might do it also. In order to end his ability to win I need to score probably seventh or better. Hoyazo* is also still in the race. He would also need a Mookie win and some points tonight. He is slightly less favored because he did not get any points last night. At least life is exciting.

I am really hoping to put it out of reach tonight. I was told the game is Stud-hi and if this is the case I think I have a shot at going deep. If I can keep my chasing to a minimum. We will see what happens.

*All point estimates are assuming 50 runners in the Skillz and 106 in the Mookie.


Blogger Loretta8 said...

I'm highly offended that you would accuse me of getting a lot of chips in the pot preflop with J6. I would never make a donkey play like that with a hand that terrible.....

.....It was J7 =)

8:13 AM

Blogger Julius_Goat said...

Listen, I'm not being nit-picky with grammar and spelling here . . .I just hope that somehow you actually did go for the juggler.

That poor juggler wouldn't know what hit him.

8:25 AM

Blogger RaisingCayne said...

You can discount Hoy's chances Waffles... I mean the guy canNOT win a Mookie, so he's out of the April race.

Good luck staying above Loretta... a fun race to watch over the last week of the month!

9:28 AM

Blogger lj said...

and once again goat comes through in a big way.

1:36 PM


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