Friday, April 25, 2008

Spring Has Sprung

Sexy chicks with short shorts, tits hanging out, short skirts flapping in the wind. Almost makes me not want to rant about Riverfuckers last night. Almost. Jesus Christ. I understand these are a bunch of drunk bar monkeys. Albeit nice drunk bar monkeys some of whom I have befriended. However can you get a fucking clue and not play this game like blackjack?

I went out on the classic BJ hand. I have a guy in the CO stealing with a 240 raise, so I jam over the top of him. This beer donkey thinks forever and finally calls a bet and a re-raise with the amazing hand of KJs. For at least a third of his stack. Probably more if the CO actually has a hand because the CO has him covered. How do you make a fucking donkey call like that? What happened my friends? Of course the fucking alligator taint licker turns a gutterball straight on me and I go home early.

I will fully admit my earlier bad play put me in position to make a daring move in that spot. However I never should have been called by that ape ass licking donk. I swear he should roll up his over sized tongue and get a lobotomy.

As far as the race for April it is really heating up. I could have gained some more points on Hoyazo* last night since he decided to watch LOST instead of play. I have four more games to hold on to my lead. I only have a slight lead at this point and would be really happy to take first in the Big Game and put it all out of reach. Having said this if there is one game I have consistently either played poorly in or got sucked out in the Big Game is it. Perhaps this is the time to change that. ROOOOOARRRRR!!

Anyway piece out. I do apologize to the scum sucker that made the horrible call on me. While I really do think you are a moron I do not hope you die. Perhaps get VD from your dog or something.. nononono.. What I really hope is that you have fun playing because in the end that is what it is all about.


Blogger RaisingCayne said...

Good luck with the rest of April Waffles!

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