Monday, May 26, 2008

Hello My Name is Waffles

Hello my name is Waffles and I am a recovering loser.

I know you come to the blog to hear about my wild blowout of huge, medium and small bankrolls. I try to indulge you as much as I can. I really do love you all.. you enablers of mediocrity.. you lovers of train wrecks.. you really are my people. I have been a loser for four years. We are talking poker here let's just keep it professional. Sure I am mostly break even since people give me free money to enable my losing. This is day 37 of my recovery. I have been winning for these few days. I will not say it is always easy. I often times tell eleven dollar SNG players I hope they die. Mostly only when they call my all in with pockets two's against my queens on a 678 board and turn a two. However this is the path to my losing addiction. I currently have a good small bankroll which I am grinding upward. It sits at 900 at the moment and hopefully will continue to grow as I attend my Stud meetings and SNG recovery programs.

I do miss you all. I know I am neglecting my old friends but sometimes you have to leave the old life behind in order to have success in your recovery. Possibly when I have been in recovery longer I can come back and hang out with you. Until then I wish you all well. Until then I know you will all be praying that I fall off the wagon.


Blogger VinNay said...

Number 8 in the 12 step program -

"Made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all."

You have a lot of emails to send out.....

Congrats on the recent success, and keep it going.

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