Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sweet Night

I had one of the best nights ever playing cash. Not in terms of money won but in terms of buyins. I could not be stopped. Initially it started off slow with me losing a buyin in Stud. I then switched to HORSE and in my worst game O8 I took two HUGE posts with the nuts. I then destroyed people in Stud so bad that the table broke with me up 3 buyins. At the same time I had a NLHE table open. I figured I would donate some. Instead I end up 2 BUYINS! Holy shit. I really never do this well. I then asked Pushmonkey whats next. LHE! Ok. Sweet. Up over a buyin there and then it was time for the MATH. I flamed out early and went back to cash where I took a buyin and a half in Stud. So all in all a very nice night. Broke back over the 500 point and hopefully I can ride the surge tonight and really take a jump towards that 1K mark. Why the fuck not right? Tonights NLO(8?) game should be funny as hell. I bet I could fold to second. Hopefully this ends up as quick as I think it will. See you all tonight.


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