Thursday, July 10, 2008

Philosophy vs Reality

I often find myself caught up in the debates of the poker world that deep thinkers get into. For instance if you know for an absolute fact you are 51% ahead of the guy you are playing against and he jams all in for his entire stack do you call? Is there a better spot? Is this "Long Term" a real fucking thing? I mean if you have infinite bankroll and infinite time then yeah sure but in the real world is this enough of an edge for you to make back your loses? The most important question though: does any of this really fucking matter? I mean are these kinda of plays going to be what makes you a winner or loser long term? Should we dig into the bowels of poker and figure out what the right move is over time or just say "Fuck it" and just let the borderline plays slide off our backs. Who the fuck knows.


Blogger Pseudo_Doctor said...

since its you....fold every edge you have and always getting in with the worst. Leads to more exictement anwyays

11:38 AM

Blogger Lucypher said...

Just because one has a small advantage is not (all by itself) enough to justify calling an all in as you described. There are other factors like do you have him outchipped 3 to 1? Do you believe you have an advantage in skill over the opponent in question? etc.
1-2% edges are great for a casino since they will have billions of these sorts of opportunities but I think it is different for an individual trying to optimize his strategy.

12:24 PM

Blogger Alan aka RecessRampage said...

Though a lot of people might argue with me on this one, in a cash game, I like to pick my spots. You never know the exact percentage of how far you are ahead but you can always guess a range. If it's too close/marginal, I have no problem folding, even if that meant that I am making a slightly -EV play based on statistics. There was a period where I experimented with pushing every "edge"... and what I noticed was that I was in a lot of coinflip situations... against players who are worse than I am. So in other words, calculation wise, it's +EV because you're better off getting it all in preflop with TT v AK. But, I realized that if I have position or if I'm clearly better than the other player, it's even more +EV for me to see the flop/turn/river rather than neutralizing the skill factor with a preflop all in.

12:29 PM


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