Friday, June 27, 2008


I have been a little rough on poker sites lately so I thought I would mention some nice things in a series of posts. I will start off with Bodog.

Of all the sites out there only Full Tilt and Bodog have taken to supporting the poker blogging community in a direct way. Full Tilt ran the BBT3 series and Bodog ran a great tourney with thousands of added Bodog Dollars and a WSOP seat. All I see Pokerstars do for us is some 9000 person freeroll once a year sometimes. Way way way better treatment by Bodog.

The second reason I like the site is kind of counter intuitive. The software is rough. It does not support things like Poker Tracker and has only just started with sizable windows in their new Beta. All of this is bad right? WRONG! You have never been so wrong. This encourages -EV players to swamp the place and that my friends is where you make your profit. Iggy told me this long ago about Titan Poker. He was so fucking right. I quickly ran my bankroll up to 1K-2K from very small amounts. If it was not for the BlackJack tables they had I might have millions there by now. Millions I say. Bodog is exactly the same.

You need more proof? Instant Tragedy wins there. Never have I owned someone as bad as him and yet he can win at this site. Still do not believe me? Blinders has a nice write up on their beginner SNG games. More still? Man you guys are tough. Ok. Smokkee supports himself playing on Bodog in some form or other. He is terrible. He can do it. He needs a lot of money too right? I mean he has a hot blonde babe with big boobies. She has to be expensive right? heh. Little bit of ribbing there. Smokkee and Love Elf are really great people. Still Smokkee started winning much more on Bodog. Overwhelming proof.

Does Bodog have a few things to fix? Yeah sure. Small things. It would be wonderful to be able to transfer money to my loser friends. I think that would help the site out a lot. Anyway I will be playing on Bodog a LOT this month. I will share with you my total domination of the fish and you will be so amazed that you will sign up immediately. Good luck my friends.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bodonk rules!

Huge overlays on their MTTs and horrible players in their cash games.

Who cares about their shitty software. We read plenty of shitty blogs every day right!

10:13 AM

Blogger lightning36 said...

What miami don said. Bodog cash tables can be really good or really baddd.

9:54 PM

Blogger $mokkee said...

it only took 6 months of preaching for some of you to get a clue.


11:13 PM


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