Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Let Me Explain

Let me explain the coolness that is World of Warcraft. Ok. Ready? Look around you. Yeah your at your boring cube monkey job or playing online games for a living in Vegas so take a look around. Now you see that guy. Yeah. That one. You know who I am talking about. Him. Possibly it is a her. You know the person though right? Would it not be so cool to slam an ice ball in his face? Till he dies? That is Warcraft.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


8:41 AM

Blogger Poker Brian said...

But where's the part where you were first in line for an uber drop, BUT you missed one raid because of real important shit that 13yos dont have to worry about and they got the drop instead of you.

That is MMORPG ;)

9:16 AM

Blogger Jamie said...

My guild leader told me that I "wouldn't have to make too much of a commitment to the guild. Just three nights a week."


1:18 PM


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