Thursday, July 10, 2008

Riverfucker OWNED

I won the RC tonight. Was kinda fun. I did not play well at all. My first great play was crippling Numbette with 72o. I was having a little fun with the hammer. I do believe calling a raise with AT and a flop jam on A2x flop is not going to be profitable in the long run for her.. but she was right this time. The TEN on the turn had me drawing to two outs.. and the TWO on the river.. well it was the Hammer.

My next brilliant move was against AlCantHang. He was short. I had a few chips. Some dude named N000bo who played TERRIBLE raises. I re-raise with TJ spades and Al jams for his last 2k. I had around 6k. So N0000b cold calls Al and so do I. The flop gives me two spades. The turn completes my flush and I jam the rest of my chips in and get called by N000b. That hand puts me up to like 15k and allows me to bully the table and have a good amount of chips on the final table.

The rest of the night was pretty good. Zeem got blinded out since he fell asleep. It was then down to Peacecorn, some Max guy who sucked, and I. The Max guy was nice but he criticized CK's all in jam when she had like 5-6BB and QJo. Pretty good jam just bad timing.

I took him out when he flat called my pre-flop raise of like half his stack with TJ spades, flopped the flush draw vs my TPTK and then stacked off to me on the draw.

Finally it was down to Peacecorn and I. I think she was tired. She finally jammed two big cards against my two which happened to dominated her. We were even stacked and somehow I held up. I am now the current Riverfuckers champion. I did it in true Riverfuckers style with some amazing suckouts and donkeriffic play. I enjoyed every minute of it.


Blogger jusdealem said...

Congrtas! Nice hammer droppage. :)

10:06 AM

Blogger PokahDave said...

Nice job Riverfucker!

11:25 AM


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