Friday, August 22, 2008

Riverchasers Bastard Leader

What the hell is wrong with Riggstad? I mean even Hoyazo would show up for his own fucking MTT. You would think a rockstar like Riggs would at least make an appearance once in a while to the Riverfuckers. At the very least you might think he would send his little toadie.

Anyhow the mood hit me. I felt like playing this "MTT" and so joined 13 other donkeys in the effort to not slit my wrists. I sorta of took the tact of not giving a fuck if I won or lost. In that mode I put on 7 BRUUUUTAL beats to people including getting in with second pair several times only to pull out two pair and going allllllll the way with JJ vs 44 on a 4xx flop. In my defense he did overcall pre-flop. BWAHAHAHAHA. I would get paid back for my evil ways. I made the money in third place but the other two donkeys including Skiddoo ended up sucking out on me 4x in a row to end my night. It was pretty brutal but fun. So remember people play the RNG not the cards.

I guess third is not so bad. The double up playing LO8 at the same time did not hurt either. I had the nut straight all the way and two people called every bet INCLUDING the river for my one hand of the night. Wheeeeeee. Always a fun game when you are winning. I may hit the tables for a few tokens this weekend. I failed my first attempt. I started off good getting a nice 4k chip lead. I then got cold called by a moron AK vs A2 or some bullshit like that and he won. I went out shortly after in tenth on some other donkey play. Morons. I really hate blackjack players. Oh well. No complaints. A profit is a profit and I had a little donkelishish fun myself.


Blogger Instant Tragedy said...

So would that make Al the Wet Sprocket?


8:48 AM

Blogger Poker Brian said...

Aw Waffles you played goot.

I knew that J was coming though, I sensed it.

1:01 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wait a minute, you ARE a blackjack player, and by the way, you bluff to much.

1:03 AM


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