Wednesday, August 20, 2008

To Iak With Love

Of course, this has sparked its own forum thread and ytmnd, which is good because the original post got deleted off of Craigslist. The druid didn't respond well to her infamy, writing a follow-up for the ages: "Hi, I'd just like to thank the (expletive deleted) who thought it would be funny to post my picture all over the internet and make 50000 threads about me on the wow forums. I got my epic mount in about an hour that was very enjoyable for both parties while all you idiots probably spent hundreds of hours farming for yours or don't even have them. ... So talk all the trash you want, I got MY epic flying mount AND I got laid which is more than you failures can ever hope for." Wow, she sure showed us. All I have is my lousy 60 percent speed mount and my self-respect.

All of the original Craigs list postings are deleted as well as links in the forums. Wow insider has the post above about the chick selling her body for a mount. A mount for a mount if you will. Here is a photo with the original ad and the followup. For the record I would probably hit that.

Since you seem so interested here is an offer for Mario Brothers Anal.

Also in case you were interested. The EPiC mount costs 5000 gold. You can buy the gold online for twenty dollars. So she maybe just wanted to get laid? Perhaps she has never seen the millions of gold sellers on the internet? Hmm.

Oh and AlCantHang -- GALAGA ROX!!!!!!!


Blogger KajaPoker said...

epic nerd is more like it. you. sheesh!

5:20 PM

Blogger Iak said...

the whole thing was reasonably strange until you explained about buying gold.

that chick is hbo special fucked up.

7:44 PM


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