Monday, August 11, 2008

Feed me the Hate

First off let me say leaving your sun roof down over night in a thunderstorm is not such a good idea.

So I tossed out the challenge to Hoyazo and apparently he is too exalted on his throne of awesomeness to come down to the mortal realm and take up the challenge. I personally think he will not do this because if he lost he would NEVER EVER live it down in ten thousand years.

All is not lost though my friends because I have found some motivation. First off Choad somewhat unexpectedly has come out of retirement, impregnated his saint of a wife, I mean she has to be if she lives with him right, and started playing again. As totally expected he has mocked my Hoyazo challenge. In all seriousness go wish him well with the expected bundle of joy.

However in an unexpected move Iak totally put the slam down on me. This actually really motivates me to GIT-R-DONE. Freaking one hit wonder. I honestly think he is probably still mad because I called him Fat Iakaris and said he would never make it to the sun with that lard ass. I really meant it in the best way possible. I was just looking out for you bro!!! Really. Ok I was really just gloating because I was so jealous when the hot chicks went straight to you like a bee to a flower and now not so much.. Alright not everyone is motivated by hate and trying to prove people wrong. I will try more gentile methods next time to help you along your way.

Anyhow he dropped the gauntlet and told me I am a freaking loser and will NEVER win an MTT until hell freezes over and Michael Moore has Anal sex with George Bush. I am paraphrasing but fuck man it is my world and I choose to perceive it my way.

So while I am NOT competing with Hoyazo I expect you will be reading some interesting things in this blog in the near future. Stay tuned my hatahs stay tuned.


Blogger Iak said...

mmmmmm....perhaps I was not clear....

I think you are as likely to give birth as you are to win a large field MTT. FWIW Both occurrences could rightly be filed under Acts That Offend Even Basic Human Decency.

Strangely, your motivational talk may have worked after all...these days I am ever-so-slightly less Fat Iakaris.

Be well Breakfast, I is still yo brotha in arms.

11:44 AM

Blogger SirFWALGMan said...

I thought I made it clear you said that in my post. Glad to hear your healthier. Keep singing that song you one hit wonder.

1:47 PM

Blogger Love_elf said...

LMAO - you never fail to make me laugh!

By the way, I think you would kick Hoys' ass in your challenge!

5:50 PM

Blogger Chad C said...

This world needs more Hoy haters....

9:53 AM


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