Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tributes and Tribulations

So last night I had a chance to go out and drink a little in Boston. I never drink and got a little tipsy. Carmen can tell you how blasted I get from just a few bears. So I was in no condition to drive home. So luckily one of the guys was staying in town so he invited me to crash at his hotel room. So I am laying there trying to sleep and all of the sudden I feel this tongue on my man boob. Now normally this would be kind of concerning but I was drunk and kind of lonely so I let things progress. His beard kind of tickled as it made its was down to my stomach across my beer belly flab.

Alright alright I can not go on. That was all bullshit. I am such a hack writer anyways. Did you throw up in your mouth a little? That is about as good as my writing gets. If you want some real good lesbian writing though go see Blonde's latest post. Holy shit is she sensual. Hopefully someday Carmen, Her and I will get together in Vegas. I probably would die of a heart attack, and this is fully clothed mind you, but it would be worth it.

Speaking of hacks what the fuck is wrong with Florida? I mean if that is not a fucking commie controlled christian right wing fascists state I do not know what the fuck it is. With those Clearwater fucking Christian assholes trying to run everyone's life. I mean I am pretty tolerant but when you make smelly hippies get married you are crossing the line! No. No I kid. Not about Florida sucking so bad but about Sheverb being smelly. I have met her and Pablo and they both smelled fine. Especially her. Anyway because of some bullshit hate the gays law they have to get married or something. I can state with great authority that nobody should get married. Bastards. Anyway go wish them luck.

Tonight is the Mookie. I partook of the Skillz game last night and made the final table. I really only played to see if I could cash three weeks in a row. Unfortunately the host put a bad beat on my ass and I was not able to recover. At least I was able to ass rape Bayne. I will probably not be playing next week but weirder things have happened.

I was able to make a little dosh on the night when I yet again got first in a $22 SNG. Yawn. These things are so great for me lately. I just run over the table. I do get lucky sometimes like the final hand when my A2 took out A9 but I feel like I put myself in position to get lucky and win these things. I am going to ride the train until it derails. See you tonight.


Blogger peacecorn said...

You best be there, young man!

1:20 PM

Blogger Mondogarage said...

Take down many more of those $22's and you won't be able to brag about being break even anymore. Matter and anti-matter are about to collide!

1:26 PM


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