Friday, November 21, 2008

Brilliant Game

I had a really good time being the target in the Bodonkey. It really was not much different then every other day where everyone is trying to knock off Waffles but at least this had a little extra on top. Before the game I was telling Bayne I would be surprised if I did not have 12K chips going into the first break. I was not very far off in my estimation.

The first big donator to the cause was Columbo himself. A player at the table mentioned to me that I made people play badly. If this is not a great example of that I do not know what is. I called his pre-flop bet with a weak holding of A7c. The flop brought me a beautiful straight flush draw with the straight being my favorite kind -- a gutter ball baby. So when he lead out I just cold called. The turn brought the nuts. He checked and I figured that since he was a good player he would expect me to bluff the scare card. So I did just that and bet out pot. He called me. The turn brought a ten which completed every draw out there. So what did I do? I fucking jammed him all in. Of course Columbo obliged my brilliant play by calling off his entire stack with his rivered set of tens. NO T$ FOR YOU!

The next big hand came against someone who really deserved to be whipped and beaten on my good pal Skidoo. Never have you played against such a gambling wamp rat as this guy. He wants to be in every hand. It is like action is air for him and if he sits out too many he will drown.

Up until this point his little aggtard ways had worked well. He had jammed his 25 s000ted into Chad's Aces and sucked out a river flush to gain a huge stack. However he did not know who he was fucking with. He raised some ratty hand pre-flop and I knew he was so full of shit. So I called with my QJo. The flop came about as good as it gets with a Q for the top pair and three nice pretty flush cards to go with my jack. Now if you had bet me a million dollars that Skiddoo had squaddoo that hand I would have taken you up on it. Like the good little monkey he is though he bet out. The turn was air and when he lead out here I jammed for all my chips. Of course he called and flipped up 94o with a four of hearts flush draw. He was practically drawing dead as his flush outs were bad and he needed a non-flush nine or four. He did not get it and shortly afterwords he found his big lead had evaporated and he was looking in from the rail. NO T$ FOR YOU!

I really do not remember too many hands from there until the final table. I kept up a nice chips lead and stayed in the top five for most of the game. The final table was an interesting mix of some really good players like MiamiDon and some total retarded lags like PokerDave.

The final table became a real nit fest. I have not seen that much folding since I visited the Chinese Laundry in Downtown Boston. I saw my chips diminishing so I decided to raise a speculative hand like KQ. Short handed I think this is fine. I could have put it all in the middle but the result would have been the same. Scott25 then decided to re-raise me. I thought about the hand a little bit and determined he had a pair smaller than a Queen. I had seen him do similar moves with smallish pairs and something just felt like medium to small pair. So I decided I needed to gamble and jammed my stack in. He instantly called with his Jacks and we were off to the races. Luckily it was a short race as a king flopped and I doubled up.

I then ran Jacks and AT into Aces as two shorties doubled through me. The bubble had been going on for a while so at the break I announce "I am going in blind". Now you might think someone would limp and try and trap me with a reasonable hand but I got no action with my ducks. The very next hand I jammed the hockey sticks and everyone folded again. I sat back again as everyone folded for that twenty six bucks. Here is my thinking though. As sixth place I get 11T$. As fifth I get $26 and no T$. So the difference is nothing. I was going to play for first.

I get T7 in the small blind and everyone folds around to me. Again I have rarely ever seen this amount of ridiculous non-stealing in any game I have ever played ESPECIALLY with Bloggers. So I jam my hand into PokerDaves big blind and he wakes up with AK. I outflop him with a seven but the river brings his miracle resuck and I am down to 200 chips.

The poker gods decide to mock me and give me AK the very next hand. I of course go all in here and get called five ways. The flop looks good with K45.. but when NewInNov jams I am sure he has a hand. Lucky for me it is just two pair. The river pairs the board and I have 1 blind.

I look down and see another small pocket pair. I get all in but this time it was not to be as PokerDave wins the hand and takes the bounty on my head. All in all I played a good game and enjoyed myself. It just was not to be. I look forward to all of the poker sites offering me professional player contracts in the coming weeks and will be taking my time to decide who gives the best offer. Obviously Bodog has and edge because they were the first to recognize me as a world class player and put a bounty on my head.

I look forward to playing out the rest of the season and I should be able to make the Table of Champions at the end of the season. Dominating that tough field will be a lot of fun. Until next time have fun playing poker.


Blogger 1Queens Up1 said...

good job sir, but if you are going to make a star wars reference (the skidoo one) you gotta spell it right, its Womp Rat.

Poser :)

11:12 AM

Blogger $mokkee said...

good recap, we've got another bloggament term to use now "squadoo".

i didn't realize the bubble play was so tight since i was at jacuzzi at the time. i wonder how many BB's you shoved into PokahDave with 7-T. the Bodonkey structure allows for play late in the game unlike most bloggaments where it becomes a pushfest when it gets down to two tables.

standard wawfuls blowup IMO

GL sifting thru all those sponsorship offers. Obv Aunt Jemima is the only clear choice.

11:27 AM

Blogger lightning36 said...

"All in all I played a good game and enjoyed myself."

Keep the freakin' details to yourself, perv.

I wish no one was attempting to steal at the final table. Losing my stack to Don's steal attempt (8-6sooted vs my J-J) was a real ball buster. Oh well ...

Once I saw that you doubled off Columbo I figured you were good for the final table. Nice run with everyone gunning for you.

11:39 AM

Blogger PokahDave said...

You're calling me a retard lag? You know I'm giving you fits when I'm on your left now..heh...

4:00 PM

Blogger Snuffy said...

Fuck J,J


6:23 AM

Blogger 23skidoo said...

Brilliant indeed, remember TP is gold vs me from now on.

too bad I was so drunk at the time I could barely focus on my screen, I should have known by then that no one would fold vs me.

2:01 PM


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